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Saturday, July 05, 2003
Before I start with the daily entry, two new links on the sidebar to report

The Eddie Kranepool Society- Very good site devoted to the Mets. Mentions Glavine's problems in parks equipped with Ques-Tech, which I'm going to dwelve a little deeper into today.

Bronx Banter- Site devoted to NY baseball.

Now, today's topics are going to focus on pitching and two guys in particular... Miguel Batista and the already mentioned Tom Glavine. I'll start with Batista...

Last night I watched the D'Backs exciting 3-1 win on ESPN2. Miguel Batista started the game and was absolutely filthy. Then they said he was 6-3 with an ERA in the 2.80 range (He's 2.80 after the start). So I looked up his stats. I always thought Batista was good, but not that good. He's pitched 103 innings and given up 4 HR. That's a .35 HR/9. He's got a 2.5 BB/9 (29 BB) and a 6.5 K/9 (74 K). That's impressive. Plus a .258 BAA and he has pitched better as a starter (0-2, 4.50 ERA in 12 IP as reliever). After the watching the D'Backs last night, they just might have enough to make it to the playoffs, especially if Batista pitches like this, as what would be the 3rd starter when Johnson and Schilling come back.

Now to my main topic, Tom Glavine. I was sorta struggling for a Mets topic today because I happened to miss the Mets 7-2 win over the Reds because I was not home yesterday. So, I was thinking about what I should talk about today while watching the Red Sox's 10-3 rout of the Yankees. The announcers starting to talk about Ques-Tech and in particular, Tom Glavine, who gave up 1 run in 7 IP in a non Ques-Tech park. Since, neither they do or I do know which parks Ques-Tech is and isn't in, they gave the Home vs. Away stats on Tom Glavine, because Ques-Tech is obviously in Shea.

Overall- 6-8, 4.64, 17 GS
Home- 2-6, 6.56, 9 GS
Away- 4-2, 2.82, 8 GS

So, it does look like Ques-Tech could be having on an effect on Glavine's pitching on the surface. This interested me a lot and so, an entry is born.

You figure, if Ques-Tech is having an effect, it would show up in the walks catergory for sure. Probably BAA too. HR and K's a little, but not a lot. First here are his career average stats followed by his season stats in total...

Career: .253 BAA (includes this season), .66 HR/9, 3.06 BB/9, 5.53 K/9 (HR, BB, and K do not include this season)
This Season: 99 IP, .289 BAA (110 hits allowed), 1.36 HR/9, 3.27 BB/9, 4.27 K/9

Innings pitched per average season and hits allowed for average season aren't really that important... but what I'm getting at here is that the walks have not been a problem overall this season. .19 BB/9 rise is hardly anything. Now, he has struck out 1.3 less people per 9 innings. Now, he was never a big strikeout pitcher, but that can have an effect because now more balls have to be put into play. The .036 rise in BAA is also not good, but the main thing that jumps out is the homeruns. He's allowed .7 HR more per 9 innings. 1.36 HR/9 is way too high for a pitcher, but these are full season stats. So, next, the splits have to be checked out. Are these stats evenly split in the splits or are his numbers overall bad because his home his numbers are terrible?... Here's the home and away stats...

Home: 48 IP, .332 BAA (63 hits allowed), 1.5 HR/9, 3.94 BB/9, 3.56 K/9
Away: 51 IP, .247 BAA (47 hits allowed), 1.24 HR/9, 2.65 BB/9, 4.94 K/9

So as expected. At home, his BB are higher than his K's, which is never good. People are batting .332 against him at home, while a light .247 on the road. He has extremely low walks on the road with a good K number. But the homeruns, which are especially high at home are still high away from home. So why is the long ball seemingly killing him at home, but not on the road... well he's got a 1.75 WHIP at home and a 1.22 WHIP on the road. So, its the runners on the base paths that are killing him at home. In reality he's walked 6 more people at home, which makes a difference, but the real difference is the difference of 16 hits and the .085 jump in BAA at home. So, using quick and dirty calculations, I figured out his balls in play that result in hits (dirty meaning I'm not accounting for sacrifices and other things like that, but it should be a good close number)

Home- 35%
Away- 30.9%

30% is usually the average number for most pitchers, so his 35% at home is not good at all and is probably the problem. the 30.9% on the road is pretty much normal. So, if his balls in play is unusally high, what's the reason? Well, part of it could be playing in fairly spacious Shea Stadium and with a bad defense (though you would think the defense would play better at the home ballpark...). It could very well be Ques-Tech. He could be frustrated by not getting calls and walking more people and then feeling like he has to put it over the plate, where it can be hit harder and better. Part of it could be mental. He could just not be feeling confident in certain pitches in certain situations. But mostly, its probably just dumb luck. The 4% hop in the ball in play could easily be from a few bloop hits here and there falling in. Which gets back to a point I made earlier, why is the homer killing him at home, but not on the road. Simply, it seems he's been somewhat unlucky at home. Which means, as long as the Ques-Tech thing hasn't totally screwed him up mentally, his numbers for balls in play should fall back to the mean... but does that mean he'll pitch any better? He might not because the homeruns are still a problem. This might mean he might start to pitch a little worse on the road, as the homeruns catch up with him.

So overall, Ques-Tech could very well be having a mental efect on him. He might not feel comfortable with certain pitches in certain situations and might just feel more confident in his ability in a non Ques-Tech stadium. Me? I just think its a case of luck and so far he hasn't been lucky at Shea.

Also, today, watch out, the red-hot Steve Trachsel is on the mound looking for his 8th win.

Friday, July 04, 2003
Well, the Mets didn't play yesterday, so I decided, why not take a look at the young Mets and how they are doing this season. There are 5 main young guys everyone talks about this year... Jae Seo, Vance Wilson, Jason Phillips, Ty Wigginton, and Jose Reyes. Granted Jose's sample size will be small, but he's the phenom, so I'll include him. I plan to do this at the beginning of each month, so I'll look at Aaron Heilman starting in August. By August, there should be a decent view of how these guys are doing, but September a good view, and in October, the end of the year review should give a good idea of how they progressed throughout the year... Anyways, here it is:

Jae Seo:
Stats: 5-4, 96.2 IP, 103 H, 1.87 BB/9, 4.68 K/9, .47 HR/9, .269 BAA, 3.35 ERA

Jae Seo has been a pleasant surprise this year and may be the Mets' best starter this year (I think its Trachsel...). His stats are extremely good. He's a control pitcher that doesn't have overpowering stuff. He hardly walks anyone, and has a 2.5 K/BB ratio. He does not give up the long ball consistently and keeps the BAA down on a team that isn't the best in the world defensively. Jae Seo looks like he can be a successful pitcher for years to come because he does not walk people or give up homers.

Jason Phillips:
Stats: 148 AB, .328/.408/.466 (OPS- 875), 1:1 BB/K ratio (18 BB/18 K), 9 2B and 4 HR (48 hits overall), 18 RBI

Jason Phillips got called up when Mike Piazza got injured and was pressed into action at first base when Mo Vaughn went down. He has done a respectable job playing first base, though he still has more to learn about the position. As for his hitting, he has been stellar. A .408 OBP is very good and he has shown good plate discipline with the 18 BB. The OPS of .875 is good and the .466 SLG is pretty good, though he has shown the power to drive balls to the gaps. The home run totals are a little low for a 1B, but he makes up for it by getting on base.

Jose Reyes:
Stats: 78 AB, .218/.222/.359 (OPS-.581), 1:12 BB/K ratio, 4 2B, 2 3B, 1 HR (17 hits overall), 18 RBI, 1/3 (33%) in steal attempts

Jose Reyes has been the talk of NY for a while. He has shown a good glove, but has also made a few errors. At the plate, he's driven in a lot of runs, but overall his stats haven't been good so far. The .222 OBP is not good for someone ho could bat leadoff in the future. The 1:12 BB/K ratio is not good at all, and the 33% on steal attempts is also not good. He has shown an ability to hive slap hit to the gaps and that's where his speed takes over and gets him extra base hits. Now, this is also a very small sample size and not really a very good estimate of how he will fare the rest of the year. For one thing, pitchers are going after him and seeing if he can hit theit stuff. Another thing is that he seems like he is trying to be over aggressive and get big hits so that he can impress everyone, instead of working counts for walks. Trust me, he'll have a fine future, I just hope he does work on the plate discipline...

Ty Wigginton:
Stats: 306 AB, .275/.331/.428 (OPS-.759), 1:2.52 BB/K ratio (25 BB/63 K), 17 2B, 6 3B, 6 HR (84 hits), 38 RBI, 5/7 (71%) on steal attempts

Ty Wigginton was moved from second base (his natural position) and forced to play third. He has worked hard at it and has become a very good fielding 3B. Offensively, his stats would probably look better if he were playing middle infield and not a corner infield spot. His .275 AVG isn't bad, and the .331 OBP is a little low. The .428 SLG isn't bad, but could be inmproved on a little. His major problem is the 1:2.25 BB/K ratio. The 25 BB isn't bad, but the 63 K's are. He has to learn now to free swing and swing so hard, so he strikes out less. The 17 2B and 6 3B show extremely good gap power and the 6 HR show a little long ball pop. The 6 3B are really surprising because he is not fast at all. Also, the 5/7 on steal attempts are a little added bonus...

Vance Wilson:
Stats: 159 AB, .277/.324/.434 (OPS- .758), 1:3.6 BB/K ratio (9 BB/32 K), 4 2B and 7 HR (44 hits), 27 RBI

Vance Wilson took over for Mike Piazza at catcher when he went down with the groin injury. Vance Wilson is a very good defensive catcher and has a very very good arm. Offensively, he has a decent .277 AVG, a low .324 OBP, and pretty good .434 SLG for more catchers, and a decent .758 OPS. The 1:3.6 BB/K raito is not good at all and he needs to get the K down and the BB up. The 4 2B don't show much gap power, but the 7 HR show some long ball pop in his bat. And then again, a good defensive catcher who bats .277 isn't too shabby.

Well, there you go. The first report on the new young guys for the Mets. Expect a report around the beginning of each month... And have a happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 03, 2003
Check out Al's Ramblings for info on the Curtis Leskanic deal...

Link adding again...
Shea Daily: Good Mets site. Also focuses around the major leagues.
Baseball News Blog: Gives all the news from the day, plus has any baseball blog link you'll ever need.

So go ahead and check them out...

The White Sox won 8-6 yesterday on the first day of the "Robbie Alomar Era" in Chicago on a mammoth (at least in height) homerun by Frank Thomas in extra innings. Mets fans can solace in the fact that Alomar went 1-5 with a BB. He struck out once, GIDP, and committed an error. Then again, he also scored the game winning run.

But the more interesting news from the White Sox came when D'Angelo Jimenez was designated for assignment. Well, there goes that platoon I heard and then talked about yesterday. Not sure what they are thinking here. Maybe they believe Willie Harris is their 2B of the future (who, by the way, has struck out in 20 of his 95 AB this season), but I would think the White Sox know where Jimenez is going to be traded. If he is not traded in ten days, he goes on waivers. There is no way Kenny Williams would get nothing for a 25 year old 2B. But if he were to go on waivers, maybe the Mets should pick him up... its the same stats as Alomar, only he's younger...

In the dissapointment of the night, The Mets lost 11-4 to the Expos. I really thought the Mets might get the first season sweep of the year last night. It looked so good when they were up 4-0, but then Jae Seo walked in a run. Then, when Tony Clark overthrew Phillips to allow the second run to score, I knew it was going to fall apart. Bright spot of the game was Jason Phillips who had a solo HR (4) and a 2 run single... Jason Phillips, quietly, might be the best young hitter the Mets have brought up. He has a .324/.408/.466, giving him an OPS of .875. He has 9 2B, 4 HR, 18 RBI, and a 1/1 BB/K ratio (18/18). Plus, after listening to him on The Baseball Show on ESPN one afternoon a couple of weeks ago, he became one of my favorite Mets. He was witty, funny, and smart, with a little bit of a strange personality mixed in. I've never really had a Mets' player I've liked this much since John Olerud (who is my favorite baseball player of all-time), so the young 2003 Mets seem to be bringing some players I'll like in the future. (Because the only guys I really liked a lot going into the season on this team were Jeromy Burnitz and Ty Wigginton.)

Something I've neglected over the last few days is the Damian Rolls Watch: On Tuesday, he went 2-4 with 2 RBI and a SB. Last night, he went 1-4 with a single. His stats for the season are .276/.343/.418 to give him an OPS of .761. Personally, I'm a ltitle dissapointed.

Now to the main topic of the day, which is Al Leiter. I like Al, he's been a stand-up guy while he's been with the Mets, and he's given the Mets are he's got... but these year he is downright struggling. It's pretty obvious its because of the 63 BB (5.85 per 9 IP) and the 11 HR (1.02 per 9 IP, which is not amazingly bad, its just you walk people and give up the long bomb, your not gonna pitch well). He has also struck out 6.59 batters per 9 IP. So I don't want to discuss why he has pitched so badly this year, I want to figure out if Mets fan should have seen it coming. Was there anything in past year that Mets fans should have noticed that would made you have think he would walk this many people and pitch this badly. Or is it just a cause of old age, pitching too many innings, and starting to lose your stuff and control of it. If you look at the game notes at the bottom of the Mets recap above, you'll see that Leiter could be out until the All-Star break because of a sore right knee. So that could be part of it. I do believe part of it is the injury and him getting up there in age, but is that all of it? I decided to take his statistics from 1994 (the first year he started over 20 games) to 1997... the 4 years before he became a Mets in 98 (I'm also putting this year under those). Since I buy into the theory that a pitcher is only totally responsible for K, BB, and HR, I'll give you those per 9 innings... along with IP and ERA.

1994- 111.7 IP, 5.24 BB/9, .48 HR/9, 8.05 K/9, 5.08 ERA
1995- 183 IP, 5.31 BB/9, .74 HR/9, 7.52 K/9, 3.64 ERA
1996- 215.3 IP, 4.98 BB/9, .59 HR/9, 8.36 K/9, 2.93 ERA
1997- 151.3 IP, 5.41 BB/9, .77 HR/9, 7.85 K/9, 4.34 ERA
2003- 97 IP, 5.85 BB/9, 1.02 HR/9, 6.59 K/9, 5.57 ERA

This is sorta interesting. Before he got to the Mets, Al had a tendency to walk a lot of people... but the more people he walked, the more HR he gave up, and the less people he struck out... that looks like it could be part of it here, because his 2003 stats represent that even more, but the killer stat seems to be not that he is walking half a person more per 9 IP, but that he's given up .25 more HR's per 9 IP (that is taking his worst seasons...)

Now let's take a look at his stats with the Mets...

1998- 193 IP, 3.31 BB/9, .37 HR/9, 8.11 K/9, 2.47 ERA
1999- 213 IP, 3.93 BB/9, .80 HR/9, 6.85 K/9, 4.23 ERA
2000- 208 IP, 3.29 BB/9, .82 HR/9, 8.65 K/9, 3.20 ERA
2001- 187.3 IP, 2.21 BB/9, .86 HR/9, 6.82 K/9, 3.31 ERA
2002- 204.3 IP, 3.04 BB/9, 1.01 HR/9, 7.58 K/9, 3.48 ERA
2003- 97 IP, 5.85 BB/9, 1.02 HR/9, 6.59 K/9, 5.57 ERA

His Mets career really doesn't follow much of a pattern. There's no correlation between any of the stats. The only thing that has occur is that his HR/9 has gone up consistently to the over 1 HR/9 mark during his career as a Met. Al did have a tendency to walk people early in his career, so he may be doing something he used to do and that's getting him into trouble. My guess is that he's starting to lose control and his stuff and is starting to walk more people. And the fact that his HR/9 have gone up over the last few years means he's putting more people on base through the walk and he's giving up more runs due to the long ball. So the walks have become a major problem this year because of the rising number of HR's he's giving up... if he could control the walks, like his did from 99-02, then he can go back to being a very good #2 starter.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003
Would like to point out that I added Al's Ramblings, another baseball blog dedicated mostly to the Brewers, to the sidebar. I would also like to thank Aaron's Baseball Blog for adding my link to his sidebar... When I created this site, I was hoping to get one person I didn't know personally to read it... I was never expecting to get my link on another site, especially one that I enjoy reading daily.

An era in New York sports ended yesterday. That was the "Roberto Alomar Era". The Mets traded Roberto Alomar to the White Sox for 3 prospects. It was a highly dissapointing era and I'll be the first to admit I loved the trade when it was made. Who wouldn't? He was an All-Star second-baseman on the fast track to the Hall of Fame. This trade brings up three major questions I hope to tackle today...

1. What in the hell happened to Roberto Alomar?
2. What did the Mets get and what will this trade do for this year?
3. What exactly were the White Sox thinking in making this deal?

Well, let's start with the most perplexing question for all Mets fans... What in the hell happened to Robbie Alomar? This was not the same Robbie Alomar who the Mets traded for after the 2001 season. Look at Roberto Alomar's stats for the season before he got here...

33 575 113 193 34 12 20 100 30 80/71 .336 .415 .541

That would give him an OPS of .956 and OPS+ of 149 (meaning he was 49% over the league average)... He was 30/36 in steal chances... a good % of 83.3%. He walked more than he struck out, got on base, and hit for some good power...

So how did this hitter become the one that was in New York for a year and half... Look at his stats for the Mets in the 2002 and 2003 seasons (of course up to this point)

34 590 73 157 24 4 11 53 16 57/83 .266 .331 .376
35 263 34 69 17 1 2 22 6 29/40 .262 .336 .357

Those would be OPS season's of .708 and .693... even dating back to his days with the Padres he never had this bad of an OPS... He was 16/20 on SB's (80%) in 2002 and a perfect 6/6 (100%) this year... so he just stop stealing bases, it wasn't that he wasn't as effective (though when you don't get on-base, its hard to steal bases). His power just dwindled and he struck out more than he walked. And he couldn't hit a left handed pitcher if his life depended on it

So what happened? There are a few potential theories on this...
1. He lost a step... that's the one I buy into...
2. He didn't like NY/there was no pennant race... there was at the beginning of the season, so that's not true
3. NL pitching... he had a year and a half to adjust... doesn't work for me.
4. This is what Roberto Alomar said... And I quote from the Bergen Record... "We didn't have good balance in the batting order." He goes on to explain... "We could never put a good left-right, left-right combination all the way through. We never had enough power from the right side; we struggled against left-handed pitching. That's why we didn't do very well." That's all very well and good, but ROBBIE WAS SUPPOSED TO HELP WITH HITTING FROM THE RIGHT SIDE AGAINST LEFTIES! He might have been the biggest offender at struggling against left handers and he was batting righty against them.

So maybe he has just lost a step... maybe he was unmotivated, maybe he didn't like New York... we'll find out when he goes tot he White Sox.

So on to #2... what did the Mets get and what does this do for the short term at 2nd base... Well, the Mets got three prospects and basically looking at them, you got a throw-in, a decent reliever who can't find it at AAA, and a 1st round draft pick relief pitcher in the 2002 draft doing very well in AA...

Royce Ring- The gem of the deal. He's 22, out of San Diego State, and throws a good fastball, silder, and is working on a change-up. He'll probably finish out the year in AA, be in AAA next year, and projects to probably be closing (if all goes well) for the Mets in 2005. Here's a look at his stats this year...

1-4 19 2.52 35.2 44 14 33 1

Those are some pretty nice stats. The 44/14 K/BB ratio (3.14 K/BB) is very good... He gives up .25 HR/9, 11.25 K/9, and 3.58 BB/9... The HR and the K's are really good and the walks aren't bad. He keeps the ball in the park and let's his defense have a shot at it... very important.

Edwin Almonte- 26 and will be 27 by the end of the year... set a saves record at AA a couple of years ago... apparently a change-up pitcher. He looks like he projects to be a middle reliever type guy, maybe an innings eater if he ever makes it to the majors... Here's a look at his stats...

2-6 14 6.88 34 24 14 45 6

Well the 6.88 ERA isn't very good... He gives up a lot of hits... the 24/14 K/BB ratio (1.71) isn't anything great... He gives up 1.59 HR/9, which is not good for any pitcher, but especially a closer, has a 6.35 K/9, but he is a changeup and control pitcher, and a 3.70 BB/9... you would probably like to see him have better control and get it over more, but the HR's are the main problem... a reliver who has the tendency to give up the long ball won't last long...

Andrew Salvo- Long island kid, middle infield, in A-ball... just look at his stats... .235/1/6, with a nice 19 BB walks though... 17 K's too... doesn't project to be much.

So, now to the other question for the Mets... What to do about second base? Well, Rey "Stylin'" Sanchez started last night and hit in the 2-hole (don't ask me how that happened.), so that looks like the plan... I was hoping they would give some of their AAA kids a chance to audition for the spot and see how they would do... Meaning either Danny Garcia or Marco Scutaro who are both hitting in the .290's with Scutaro showing a little more pop and ability to get on base with his .379 OBP and .483 SLG for a .862 OPS... not too shabby, though he has never hit well when he has come up... but hey, it can't be worse than Sanchez.

And #3... what were the White Sox thinking... I don't quite get this deal... They have a second baseman in D'Angelo Jimenez who has played fairly similar to him... They also have Willie Harris, who can play 2B or CF (which I'll get too in a second)... Jimenez can play SS or 3B, but that involves removing Crede or Valentin from the lineup. But I have heard they will platoon Robbie and Jimenez... robbie hitting against righties, jimenez against lefties... so let's look at the stats...

2003 Season Totals:
35 263 34 69 17 1 2 22 6 29/40 .262 .336 .357
25 271 35 69 11 5 7 26 4 32/46 .255 .332 .410

Obviously, Robbie is the 35 year old and Jimenez is the 25 year old... but is there really a difference... so Jimenez hits for a little bit more power this year, but that's about it... He's also 4/7 (57%) on SB oppurtunities... So, overall there is no upgrade in total stats... but lets say they try the platoon...

Robbie Alomar vs. righties:
181 25 55 13 1 1 18 4 23/24 .304 .375 .403

D'Angelo Jimenez vs. lefties:
64 7 19 2 0 1 7 1 6/10 .297 .357 .375

So, for Robbie this would probably help... the .781 OPS is an upgrade over his normal .693, but that .781 is stilll not great... but he does have a nice .375 OBP against RHP... but for Jimenez this really doesn't help... his slugging % is a lot better from the left side (45 points...), but his OBP is 32 points better from the right side, but then again, he has 3 times the at bats left handed then he does right handed... So overall, unless Robbie finds himself, I'm not sure what this trade does... They are both fairly equal players this year and this just pushes back Willie Harris to the bench or a massive platoon in CF...

That is of course until the White Sox traded for Carl Everett...

So let's assume Carl Everett is playing CF... now we have pushed Jimenez/Harris/Rowand/Borcahrd all to the bench in some capacity... We already have some problems at DH/1B with the Thomas/Daubach/and struggling Kornero platoon, so Everett is going to eat some time away form those guys... And well, Everett and Alomar aren't the two most quality clubhouse guys to begin with... so the way I see it, there is going to be way to much clubhouse in-fighting about playing time from a lot of the bad attitudes on this team... Jerry Manuel, being the bad manager he is, will not be able to handle it... I see this team going into a tailspin and having to sell everything they have gotten... I just don't think these were the right guys to bring in to this team... and by the end of the July, Jerry Manuel will be fired... or I could be totally wrong, watch them win 20 of 25 and run away with the AL Central... we'll have to see, but this my first major prediciton on the site, so I hope it goes well.

Well there you go... the end of the "Robbie Alomar Era" has come and gone and its time to move on (SELL BENITEZ!!! I can't believe he blew the save last night... he called that pitch Vidro hit a "backdoor slider" by the way... it wasn't backdoor and it sure didn't slide... looked like a 92 MPH fastball to me.) Anyway, I'm not starting the "If I had to pick one All-Star from every team regardless of position, who would that person be?" because I won't have time to type it up tomorrow and I want to do it on two straight days, so expect it on the weekend I guess... I also gotta get around to the "If I was Jim Duquette" entry... but anyway, that's why I am going to stop announcing up coming articles... And watch out, the Mets might just sweep the Expos tonight...

NOTE: When I put it up, the stats are running together instead of staying spread out... I can't figure out how to get them to stay apart, so just work with it, and if you can help me with how to keep them seperated, it would be appreciated... actually any e-mail would be appreciated... I'd like to hear from people and what they thought of my blog, if its good, bad, and any suggestion for articles they might have.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003
Just pointing out I added a few baseball links to the sidebar. Also wanted to comment on one thing really fast...

Glen Sather to remain coach in 2003-2004: AHH!!! This guy should be fired! He's a horrible GM! But there's one good thing about it... the owner will finally fire him after next year when they don't make the playoffs again, because he can say its the coach's fault and not the GM's... but he would be the coach too.

Tomorrow's entry is going to include a look at the end of the "Robbie Alomar Era" (::sheds a tear:: But that is a tear of joy...) and also start the first part of a two part series on "If I had to pick one All-Star from every team regardless of position, who would that person be?" Catchy title, huh? Anyways, I'll focus on the AL tomorrow.

As you know if you read yesterday, I kept a running journal of everything I noticed while watching the Mets play the Expos last night. The Mets won 3-1 in a close, slow-moving game. So here we go...

7:00 PM- Flip on FSNY in my room and settle down for what could be a long night... I had hot dogs for dinner, so the ballpark feeling is sorta in me...
7:02- The pitching match-up Steve Trachsel vs. Javier Vazquez and the game is at Shea. It's a pretty good pitching matchup, though Vazquez is on my pitching team and Trachsel is notoriuos for his lengthy pitching style...
7:08- Flip on NYY-BAL before first pitch. Alfonso Soriano is already on first. The Mets haven't even started and the Yankees have a hit!
7:09- Flip on Cubs-Phils on ESPN and watch Alex Gonzalez take a 1-2 fastball down the middle from Vicente Padilla for strike 3. The Cubs are gonna need to get some hitting to get to the playoffs...
7:11- First-pitch fastball is strike one! It's a good start!
7:12- Endy Chavez pop-out to Cliff Floyd in LF... Great... Roger Cedeno in RF, Jeromy Burnitz in CF... could be a fun fielding night.
7:14- Edwards Guzman3-2 single to center. Trachsel threw a fastball right down the middle ::shakes head::
7:18- Struck out Orlando Cabrera for 2nd out on fastball. His curve also looks extremely good tonight.
7:19- First pitch swing by Jose Vidro and grounds out to Roberto Alomar, who actually makes the play... The Mets won't be down after the first inning! YES!
7:22- Cedeno leads off with a single. He seems to be getting back to the slap hitting that made him a somewhat successful hitter in past years... And somewhat means a little...
7:24- Fran Healy was referring to Cedeno as a base-stealer! HAH!
7:25- Alomar lines to SS, Cedeno doubled up... those are the lovable 2003 Mets!
7:26- Burnitz walked, which brings up Floyd.
7:27- Vazquez seems to be missing inside on a lot of fastballs... doesn't seem like the control is there.
7:29- Floyd walked on 5 pitches to bring up Ty Wigginton
7:32- Wigginton walked. Vazquez is all over the place. He looks like Al Leiter. (And I love Al, but his walks numbers are insanely high.)
7:35- Jason Phillips grounds out to second to end the inning. 3 LOB and we are one inning in... Oy.
7:37- Brad Wilkerson up... .301/9/43... he's becoming a really nice player.
7:41- Wilkerson walked and Wil Cordero is really working Trachsel.
7:45- Wilkerson thrown out on 2-2 ball... Vance Wilson has got a cannon.
7:46- Cordero then hits a one-hop double off the wall. Lesson: Don't run! (I'm partly joking...)
7:47- Wilson keeps ball in dirt in front of him but Cordero gets to 3rd.
7:48- Ron Calloway flies out to center and Cordero scores.
7:49- Michael Barrett hits a deep fly out. Trachsel just gave up 3 long flies, but the score is only 1-0 (Yes, that is optimism)
7:53- Jose Reyes up, 1 out, hits a low line in front of Wilkerson which gets past him and Reyes flies around the bases for a triple. He is mighty fast, even if he runs like a horse... He gallops...
7:57- It took 4 minutes to get Trachsel out... that's the way to work a pitcher!
7:58- Cedeno pops out to LF. 2 innings down, 1-0 Les Expos
8:01- Argument over whether Reyes' triple should be a single and 2 base error continues on into the 8 minute mark... just give the kid a triple.
8:04- Guzman doubles... half way to the cycle (His new nickname is "Big Hitter").
8:06- Side retired... 2-3-4 up for Mets
8:08- Alomar got a hit! It's a mircale!
8:09- Burnitz pops up and does a Paul O'Neill like bat throw into the ground. Maybe he should play for Lou Pinella.... that's the fire he would want.
8:12- Frickin' Alomar doesn't run! Could have easily scored on Floyd's double to LF. Instead he jogs to third. I could have run hard and scored on that! he doesn't care or doesn't try! He doesn't raise his trade value. I can't stand him!!!
8:15- And after all that... Wigginton ground-rule double to center. Mets 2-1. A lead! Woo-hoo!
8:18- Phillips swings at a disgusting pitch in the dirt, 2 out, Wilson up.
8:19- End of 3rd, 2-1 Mets. I guess I can't complain so far (RUN ROBBIE! ONCE IN YOUR LIFE! HOW DID YOU STEAL 30 BASES A YEAR!). We'll see if the lead lasts...
8:26- Cordero infield single with 2 outs. (he's got a single and double like "Big Hitter")
8:29- Reyes makes a nice catch to end inning on pop up down the LF line.
8:35- The first 1-2-3 inning. After 4, still 2-1
8:38- Michael Barrett got a hit! He must be batting .110 now!
8:39- Trachsel almost throws the ball away on Vazquez bunt, but Alomar shows effort and jumps to get it and tag first.
8:41- Chavez flies out bringing up Edwards "Big Hitter" Guzman. (Then again, anyone hits better than Fernando Tatis.)
8:42- He grounds out... I think he's caving in to the pressure of the nickname. 2-1 after 4 and a half, Trachsel pitching well.
8:46- Burnitz doubles to RF and is safe at second, but Ron Calloway's gun! He didn't get him, but the it a lot closer than it ever should have been. Almost as good as another Expos RF whose on the DL... that guy named Vladimir Guerrero. You might have herad of him...
8:50- Floyd drives a ball down the RF line and Burnitz scores, but Floyd stats at first because of Calloway's arm... having an effect already.
8:53- Inning over, 3-1 Mets after 5.
9:00- Fast 1-2-3 inninf for Trachsel, yes it seemed like it took an hour.
9:08- 1-2-3 inning, still 3-1 after 6. Bit I can't stand Fran Healy anymore. I've enver realized how annoying and bad he is at announcing. It is time to flip on the SAP button and listen to my good friend, Billy Berroa.
9:13- Cedeno look so uncomfortable in RF trying to catch a ball. He looks like he waiting inpatiently to get into a bathroom. But he makes the catch.
9:15- Trachsel strikes out Calloway. Still looking good out there.
9:16- Then he walks the .110 hitting Barrett. Mets always make me look smart. H'es over 100 pitches... no one up in pen.
9:18- Jose Macias pinch hits for Vazquez.... Action in the pen starting.
9:19- Trachsel gets third strikeout on Macias to end inning. Looks like his last pitch. Another strong 7 inning outing... the way I though he would pitch all year.
9:22- Grabbed bottle of Gatorade... figures it gives me something to throw at TV when Armando Benitez comes in in the 9th. If we get there of course. SAP also off...
9:24- Left hander Scott Stewart in to pich the bottom of the 7th for MON.
9:25- Cedeno strikes out/Alomar grounds out. Typical right handed batting for the two of them.
9:28- Burnitz hit an infield single a little to the right of second base... Why? Because Burnitz is fast... I didn't think so either... Vidro was shifted way towards first base. Why don't guys just hit to the holes in the shifts? Barry Bonds could bunt sinlge down the third base line eveytime up in he wanted too...
9:29- Floyd grounds out to 2nd. End 7, 3-1 Mets.
9:31- David Weathers in, Burnitz moves to LF, Timo Perez in CF.
9:32- Here we go... Chavez leads off innging with single off Weathers.
9:34- "Big Hitter" flies out to center.
9:36- Weather actually beat Cordero to the ball on a ground ball to Phillips. Way to move that load!
9:37- Chavez on 2nd, Vidro up, what does Art Howe do? Bringing in Benitez for the 4-out save. And the Mets fans serenade him nicely with boos.
9:38- Hopefully he does well so his trade value doesn't drop.
9:39- Vidro flies out to CF on first pitch, 3-1 Mets after 7 and a half.
9:43- Julio Manon in to pitch.
9:44- Phillips long fly to warning track (could have used a homer for my fantasy team)
9:45- 1-2-3 inning. Going to the top of the 9th and its Armando time!
9:47- Troy O'Leary up for Cubs who are down 4-3 with two outs and two on in the 9th on ESPN.
9:48- Armando 2-2 to Wilkerson... now 3-2.
9:49- Wilkerson K's. Jose Mesa and Benitez on TV at the same time. Too much stress for too many baseball fans. Count 1-2 to O'Leary.
9:50- Mesa (with the red glove on... not the "Blue Glove Special" blue glvoe on... I swear, blue glove, blown save, red glove, convert save... simple formula to me.) gets a groundout... gameover, Troy O'Leary sucks.
9:51- Wigginton makes nice play keeping ball in infield, throws over to first, but Phillips can't get the ball on the stretch, so Cordero on first. Wigginton doing a nice job fielding at 3B by the way...
9:53- Groundout to Alomar, 2 outs, Cordero on 2nd, the .110 AVG Barrett up...
9:54- Watches highlight on Jeff Liefer taking Benitez yard earlier in the year... Jeff Liefer got frickin' cut!! So does that mean Benitez should too... makes ya think...
9:55- Brian Schneider pinhc hitting for Barrett.
9:56- Pacing around with Gatorade... 2-2 count... please throw split! (I know Benitez well... I know what he shoud pitch and when most of the time...)
9:57- Woo! He did it! Threw the split! Groundout to Reyes! Mets win!

To wrap up, it was a slow night till about the 7th... They won 3-1, which is good, and Trachsel had another QS... though if they win when I do this, maybe I should do it more often. Anyways, I might add some links to the site later in the day, but otherwise I'll prepare something for tomorrow... And watch Heilmann tonight, second major league start....

Monday, June 30, 2003
Super Line of the Day: Toma Ohka, Expos, SP: CG, 2 H, 2 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 4 K vs the best hitting team in baseball, Toronto... had a no hitter after 6 innings before an error and then a double by Carlos Delgado...

No So Super Line of the Day: New York Mets: Lost last 5, nine out of the last ten... it's getting disgusting, four game sweep at the hand of the Yankees just dissapoints me...

Link of the Day:
  • Aaron's Baseball Blog

  • Very good baseball site. Believes that Johan Santana should be starting (though he does it cause he's a Twins fan... me, he's on my fantasy team... though I still don't get it). Also, read the Bizarro All-Stars Columns, they are funny, plus the part on Glendon Rusch's comparison to another pitcher is amazingly interesting...

    Damian Rolls Watch: The Damian Rolls Watch was watching its guy on live TV yesterday on TBS... and he dissapointed. 0-3 with a K, average down to .270.

    Tomorrow's column is going to involve its first full pre-done article (the NBA draft review was sorta pre-done, sorta thought up as I was typing, which is why it was my best column, which is why I'm pissed I lost it). That will be a running journal (Yes, the idea comes from Bill Simmons) of me watching a Mets game. Yes, no matter how bad it gets, I will sit through the whole thing and give you an idea of the mind of a frustrated Mets fan. Should be fun....

    Other than that, I got no other real ranting to do at the moment. I figure the running journal will be better than me ranting about the same old stuff that I always do with the Mets...

    Sunday, June 29, 2003
    Another short one... not much in the news these days

    Super Line of the Day: Hideki Matsui, NYY, OF- In the combined doubleheader he went 6-7 with a GS and 6 RBI's and got his batting average above .300

    Not So Super Line of the Day- Sterling Hitchcock, NYY, RP- I love the six million dollar waste of space... 2/3 IP, 4 ER, 3 H, 1 BB...

    Damian Rolls Watch: 2-4 (double and single) with 3 RBI's, average up to .279

    Kim to move to Red Sox's Pen: This was going to happen eventually because Brandon Lyon stinks (don't be fooled that last night was his first blown save, he's been pulled from many games...). Kim should do a nice job, but unfortunately, that really hurts the starting pitching... Mendoza is going to take over his spot there. I like Mendoza, but he's lost his stuff... I'm telling you, watch out for Toronto, they might just be able to win the division (The A's or M's have the wildcard)

    New Michelle Branch video/song: Don't know if you've seen it, but to me it seems very Alanis Morrisette... not that that's a bad thing if she were to go towards that, it was just strange to me...

    If the Mets get swept tonight (highly possible, even though it is Weaver...), expect a little rant about them... I'm just a little too frustrated with the way they are playing to talk about them right now, but that might drive me to have to type something... but for now, that's it...

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