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Saturday, August 02, 2003
Got my cable modem in (and love it 15 minutes in), but wasn't home all day to post. So, I'll have something up tomorrow, probably doing my monthly bit on the young guns playing in the majors... I did get my new e-mail up, so click the "E-mail Me" and e-mail away! I know you have all been waiting to send your e-mails, especially after the waiver wire breakdown! (Yes, I get about 2-3 e-mails a week...)

(And yes, I'm not discussing the two Mets games, one of which I was home for, one I heard what happened...)

Friday, August 01, 2003
Blogger wouldn't let me publish this morning, so here it is. And don't use the e-mail me tag until I change it from the AOL address. Getting a cable modem.

Yesterday, before the Trade Deadline Special on ESPN (high comedy asking Jim Bowden about Reds stuff. He had no clue what to say. That, and having Jeff Brantley and Harold Reynolds, the player perspective! Which basically means trade your whole farm system to get Brian Giles... but then again, if you are the Yankees, all your giving up is Brandon Claussen anyway.), I watched the Mets and Brewers. And no, I was not trying to torture myself.

Anyway, after Aaron Heilmann came out of the game. they announcers took a look at his line for the day. This is his line by the way...

5 2/3 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 6 BB, 7 K

I forget who said it and the exact quote, but it goes something like this...

"Aaron Heilmann had a good outing, except for the walks."

That might just be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard. "Except for the walks". Are walks just a sidenote? Walks are the worst thing a pitcher can do... they let guys on base without letting the defense have a chance to make a play. And the announcer just shrugs it off... Oh yeah, he walked people... I would call that outing decent, as somehow he escaped alive after putting 12 guys on in 5 2/3 innings. Then again, it is the Brewers....

Amazingly, there are other guys who got away with lots of walks yesterday...

Aaron Sele- 6 IP, 3 H, 1 ER, 5 BB, 1 K (Then again Anaheim walked 11 and gave up 2 runs..)
Joel Pineiro- 7 IP, 2 H, 0 ER, 6 BB, 6 K

The amazing thing about Heilmann? He gave up 6 hits too. Somehow, he gave up 2 runs...

Trade deadline is here and gone and while the O's ripped off the Giants, the Yanks hit the panic button and didn't address a need with Aaron Boone and gave up a good young pitcher, and the Red Sox's made the Yanks look stupid, I'd rather talk about the August waiver and trade period... Basically, what I think teams still need to go out and get...

American League
Yankees- They need an arm out of that bullpen you can bring into the 8th and trust (and not Rivera). Benitez isn't that guy (anyone who thinks he's reliable is nuts) and I don't think Hammond is either. White is a nice lefty, but this bullpen needs another reliable arm who can pitch an inning. Like, let's say, Scott Williamson... oh wait, Theo got him and you didn't... And also, they could use a bench player/bat... You got Ruben Sierra, who I would not trust playing the outfield, Enrique Wilson, Todd Zeile (::shudders::), John Flaherty, and Karim Garcia, who can maybe get hot... (that assumes David Delucci in the outfield). So, basically the Yankees got a nice hitter, but unfortunately, in the wrong spot!
Red Sox- If there is a starter out there to get, go for it, but otherwise, this team is set.
Royals- They need a bat (if its Juan Gonzalez, they better make him DH), but they shouldn't trade away anyone importnat to the team's future. Maybe a cheap starting pitcher if its out there...
White Sox- They might be able to use a cheap bullpen arm, but they are set too. The best addition they could get is Paul Konerko hitting the ball the way he has the last month
Twins- As Aaron Gleeman points out so often, Luis Rivas and Christian Guzman are terrible... especially Rivas. Unfortunately, Terry Ryan and management don't realize it, so expect them to hang around third place, believing they can win with the team they have.
Oakland- They got their bat, they are set. The thing they need most is consistent hitting from Chavez and Tejada.
Seattle- They need a bench, not to mention a 3B. But they have Stand Pat, so they are probbaly less likely to make a move than the Twins.

National League
Braves- Same thing as the Yankees really need... an arm that is reliable to bridge the gap from starter to closer. Peter Gammons says they might go after Kent Mercker. Yes, that means someone playing important games wants Kent Mercker... next, someone will want Armando Benitez... oh wait, the Yankees did that.
Phillies- Pat Burrell to hit... and maybe an arm in the pen.
Marlins- A middle reliever, probably a bench guy too.
Expos- They have some needs, but unfortunately, MLB owns them. And well, we know how MLB runs itself...
Cardinals- Someone to stay healthy... actually they need a starter (or maybe two) and probably a reliever. They won't get it and they sinking fast.
Astros- A starter, as Roy Oswalt can't stay healthy. Everything else is good, as still my pick to win the division.
Cubs- Great starters, great pen, even a passable enough lineup... but that bench... Lenny Harris, who, yes, holds the record for pinch hits, but I mean, he only has gotten about 4 million chances in his career... Doug Glanville, do I even have to say anything?, Tom Goodwin (DL), who was good, um, probably actually never... and my favorite, Troy O' Leary, who well, was one of those lovable, terrible Boston outfielders in the mid to late 90's... it is possible Dusty Baker has a worse bench than last year?
Giants- Maybe a starter, not much else needed
D'Backs- Johnson and Schilling healthy, a little pen help, 4 or 5 hitters (okay, that's overstating it, they only need 3...)
Dodgers- 10 hitters... at least
Rockies- You play in Coors Field, just try to finish .500, because finishing ahead of the Dodgers will be easy.

There you have it. An in-depth breakdown on what teams need (Plus, the one column a week where I bash the Yankees to an extreme amount).

Thursday, July 31, 2003
Mets win 2-0- Leiter does a nice job on the mound and Weathers gets the save. The Mets are able to come up with 2 runs and win the game.

In that game, Stretch Armstrong (Jason Phillips... those stretches are insane...) has 3 hits, including 2 doubles. In Baseball Prospectus's recent Triple Play, they cover the Mets. They rip into Stretch by comparing him to home run happy Kevin Maas. Kevin Maas? This guy is better and will last longer than Kevin Maas! Kevin Maas was a pure home run/power hitter. He had a .230 AVG with a .329 OBP, which is good for a .230 AVG, but not good. His best year, the 21 HR one, was .252/.367. Phillips is .322/.391 this year. I'll admit I think the .322 is a little high, but he's a good singles and doubles hitter with good plate disclipline (23 BB/28 K). He's a solid hitter and an especially good one if he ends up catching.

The Trade Deadline is today at 4 PM! I wanted to talk about the biggest move yesterday for a moment...

Jose Guillen got traded from the Reds to the A's for Aaron Harang, Joe Valentine, and a A-ball pitcher...

I like this move for the Reds. If the Aaron Boone and Gabe White for Brandon Claussen and money rumors are true (I'll get to that in a second), the Reds are certainly going in the right direction. Guillen is an extra outfielder they don't need and they got Harang, who I think will be a fine 2nd or 3rd starter in this league, and Joe Valentine, who has a little control problem (still over 1 K/BB), but could be a fine middle reliever. Meanwhile, Billy Beane got a guy who is having a hot year, but doesn't fit into the OBP preachings. Sure, he's got a .385 OBP this year... with a .337 AVG! His K/BB is 63/17! I really don't think he's that good and I think this is a fluke year, not a breakout season, as his career stats are .270/.315/.428. Maybe Billy is hoping he can ride him out for two more months or in better terms, he can be better than Terrence Long.

The Mets will probably be quiet on this deadline, maybe only moving a guy like David Weathers. They really don't have much else to move, so it should be a quiet one for the Mets, though it hasn't been a quiet month.

Also, the Yankees have been thrown around in many rumors... Brian Giles is still being thrown around and as I said about a month about in this blog, I believe that if the Yankees get Giles, the season can be declared over and the World Series can be handed to the Yankees (Read just how highly I think of Brian Giles here).

The other rumored deal I mentioned above is the Aaron Boone one. I think this is a mistake for the Yankees, as Brandon Claussen will be a good major league pitcher (probably a 2nd or 3rd like Harang). Also, Aaron Boone isn't that good. Look how similar his stats are to Robin Ventura's last year (which was also an overhyped year just because he hit a lot of HR's out of the gate...)

Ventura '02- 465 AB, .247/.368/.458 (.826 OPS), 17 2B, 27 HR, 93 RBI, 213 TB
Boone '03- 403 AB, .271/.339/.469 (.808 OPS), 19 2B, 18 HR, 65 RBI, 189 TB

Very similar years. The power is about the same, Boone hits for average a little better, Ventura has a lot better plate disclipline. Now, granted, this is a lot better than Ventura is doing this year (.251/.344/.392, OPS- .736), but your giving up your one pitching prospect (they will eventually need one to come up... they can't buy all their pitching... I hope...) for Robin Ventura of '02, without the plate disclipline, isn't worth it.

For the Reds, this is extremely good. Next year, they could, if management plays it right, have a very young, talented, and up and coming staff much like the Marlins, who are now winning because they developed theirs and built around the young pitching. The Reds could have Aaron Harang, Brandon Claussen, Jose Acevedo, and Ryan Dempster (who needs to be DLed because I'm convinced he's injured) in the rotation and if someone figures out Chris Reitsma is young with good stuff, they could have a good, young five man rotation. They have the offense, they just need to build the pitching, and they look like they are doing that.

For more trade stuff, check out two new links...

Elephants in Oakland- A's site, likes the Guillen trade, and overall, good commentary on the A's.

U.S.S. Mariner- M's site, has a discussion on whether Rey Sanchez will be helpful to the team (I agree with the hell no, but that view is partly biased, but mostly based on the fact that he can't hit.) and also has this great line from when the trade was reported.

"Unbelievably, Pat Gillick just made the worst bench in baseball history, well, worse."

That's great, as is the rest of the analysis on the site, so go check them out.

I have one more note that I realized when I heard Paul Konerko hit a Grand Slam...

I realized that he has been red hot lately... in July he's got 3 2B, 6 HR, 22 RBI and a .338/.370/.647 line for a 1.017 OPS in 68 AB. Look at his pre and post All-Star break stats...

Pre- 233 AB, 9 2B, 5 HR, 22 RBI and a .197/.267/.300 line for a .567 OPS
Post- 46 AB, 2 2B, 4 HR, 17 RBI and a .348/.380/.652 line for a 1.032 OPS

If Konerko has found his stroke for good, the White Sox's become even more dangerous and I might change my opinion that they can't win the division (despite the fact that they have Robbie Alomar).

Wednesday, July 30, 2003
Well, I did the Rey Sanchez trade and Glavine's injury last night, so there's only one other note from the game I want to mention...

In the clubhouse, on top of Vance Wilson's "locker" (for lack of a better word), where his nametag is, he put "#3- Glav's personal catcher". At least somebody has a sense of humor...

Today article is going to be about the Florida Marlins. The Marlins are 1 game out of the wild card. 1! This team is talented, but what happened? Weren't they going to trade Mike Lowell and abandon their fans (all 10 of them). Oh yeah, they were gonna trade Derrek Lee, up and coming 1B, for hometown hero Jeff Conine. That would have made them so happy... But then they changed their minds. They decided not to trade Lowell and go for it...

If you remember back to May, after Mets fans realized they were in for another long season, the only battle left was to stay out of the cellar. That battle was with the Florida Marlins, a young and underachieving team. Everyday, I would check the Mets and Marlins scores first, because I didn't want the Mets to be that big of a flop (Hey, when your team stinks, it means something to stay out of last place). Fast forward two months and the Mets are still in the cellar, but the Marlins are 14.5 games ahead of them!

So, how exactly did this happen? Well, first let's look at the pitching. The team ERA is 4.16 and ranks 13th in the league but they have given up 81 HR's, tied with LA for first. The are 15th in WHIP with a 1.381. Not great on the ERA and WHIP, but look at this...

April- 4.55 ERA, 1.45 WHIP
May- 3.52 ERA, 1.34 WHIP
June- 5.07 ERA, 1.44 WHIP
July- 3.47 ERA, 1.26 WHIP

And if you remember, the Boston series occurred in June, where they gave up 25 runs in one game and 45 in the series. But the pitching has seemed to improve over the year (except for the end of June...). Part of that could probably fall to Dontrelle Willis, who has come up and been almost lights out. Also, very quietly, Mark Redman has had a very good year. The scary part about this rotation is that the oldest player is Redman at 29. Willis is 21, Penny is 25, Pavano is 27, and Beckett is 23. Now, the bullpen is shaky, as I'm not the biggest believer in Urbina and Braden Looper is not very experienced, though he has good stats this year. They are probably going to get one more arm before the deadline... as they should. The starters will probably not be able to keep up the numbers they have in July, but if they can keep them around there, they could be very good down the stretch. Here are their numbers in July...

Beckett- 4 GS, 2.42 ERA, 1.46 WHIP
Penny- 5 GS, 2.83 ERA, 0.91 WHIP
Willis- 5 GS, 3.38 ERA, 1.31 WHIP
Pavano- 4 GS, 3.38 ERA, 1.35 WHIP
Redman- 5 GS, 3.18 ERA, 1.15 WHIP

No starter over 3.50 for the month. Probably the main reason they are now in the race...

So the starters have been extremely good lately, but what about the hitters? For the year, they are 12th in runs with 513 and 9th with a .773 OPS. Not bad, not great... here are their hitting stats by month...

April- .267 AVG/.769 OPS
May- .268/.777
June- .263/.768
July- .282/.787

Basically, they are very similar, though in July they have picked up a little. They have a good lineup, with Rodriguez, Lee, Castillo, Gonzalez, Lowell, Encarnacion, Cabrera, and Pierre. Their bench is a little weak with Castro, Redmond, Banks, Hollandsworth, Fox, and Mordecai, but teams have gone to the playoffs before with weak benches.

If the Marlins are going to the playoffs, their young starters will have to hold up and pitch well like they have in July. Their bullpen will also have to be effective and get the job done, as that is probably their biggest weakness. They can probably get into the playoffs without having to worry about their bench too much...

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Rey Sanchez is gone! He was traded to the Seattle Mariners for Kenny Kelly. This brings up three things....

1. When Stand Pat Gillick finally makes a move, he trades for Rey Sanchez, who might be a worse hitter than Jeff Cirillo. I expect rioting in Seattle.
2. The Mets got Kenny Kelly, a tools guy, who if you remember, was a QB at Miami (FL)... he's hitting .246/.313/.434 in 341 AB's at AAA with 15 2B, 13 HR and 5 3B. He's 20 for 27 in SB opps and has a 29/79 BB/K ratio. Basically, he's got good speed, but is struggling at hitting at AAA. He takes a decent amount of walks, but strikes out too much. But to get a Triple-A OF for Rey Sanchez, especially one who is, at the least, a good athlete, is more than I could ask for.
3. Hopefully this means Scutaro or Garcia get brought up. I'm for Scutaro, who is tearing it up in Triple-A. Give him a shot to play second the rest of the year... in my opinion, he'll probably end up as a back-up utility man, but why not give him a shot to earn a job?

No link to the trade because I just heard it on the Mets telecast... sorry about that, but I'm sure someone else will have it on their site eventually...

Also, Ambassador Tom got a strained rib cage and left after the first inning... let's see you blame that on Ques-Tech!

The Mets lost last night to the Brewers 4-2, in what seemed like a game that was eventually going to the Brewers. I would have liked to see Glendon Rusch get a win if the Brewers were going to win because he hasn't pitched as bad as his record, especally lately (Plus, I really like Glendon).

Today I want to focus on the extreme misuse of a pitcher. This comes from the fallout of the Reds firings of Bob Boone and Jim Bowden. I'm not going to talk about the misuse of Danny Graves as a starter, but instead, the fact that Chris Reitsma isn't. This is not to the extreme of the misuse of Johan Santana by the Twins until July, which Aaron Gleeman and others wrote about a lot. Chris Reitsma isn't being misused because of extraordinary performance, as much as the fact that he's young and better than anything else they have. This year, he is pitching out of the bullpen...

55.2 IP, 4.53 ERA, 1.38 WHIP (63 hits), .293/.330/.484, OPS- .814, 5.01 K/9, 2.27 BB/9, 2.21 K/BB, 1.62 HR/9, 9 GIDP, 1.94 G/F

In this time he has three starts...

April 23rd vs. LA- 8 IP, 8 H, 1 BB, 2 K, 0 ER, 16/6 G/F
April 29th at COL- 5 IP, 12 H, 2 BB, 2 K, 9 ER, 3 HR, 13/3 G/F
May 9th vs. MIL- 4.1 IP, 7 H, 1 BB, 2 K, 5 ER, 2 HR, 8/6 G/F

And that's the only shots he got. He's 25! And he got 3 shots. He pitched well against LA (who doesn't?), then got bombed at COL (who doesn't?), and struggled against MIL, a team that hits well in bad pitcher's park like Great American and their own Miller. On the year, the K/BB is good, the BB are good, the K could go up a little, but his main problem is HR. He's a groundball sinker pitcher, who is doing an extremely good job getting DP's and keeping his G/F high (another reason he probably struggled in the MIL start). But he is also probably leaving sinkers hanging and getting them crushed out of the park. The WHIP is not horrible, but not great, as the hits could go down a few, but as a sinker pitcher, he might have groundballs sneak through or have a lot of bloop hits (43 of the hits are singles). He has pitched decently, probably better than half the guys in the rotation easily, and he's 25, but sitting in the pen because of two rough starts (with one in COL). So why was their such a quick pull on him? Did he pitch that badly last year? (32 G, 21 GS)

2002- 138.1 IP, 3.64 ERA, 1.37 WHIP (144 hits), .267/.324/.435, OPS- .760, 5.47 K/9, 2.93 BB/9, 1.87 K/BB, 1.11 HR/9, 14 GDIP, 1.47 G/F

I'm just staring blankly. He pitched well last year. Not amazing or maybe not even great, but he pitched perfectly fine, epsecially for a 24 year old in his second year in the big leagues. The HR's are way down from what he has this year and the BB rose a little more than the K rose. The G/F isn't as good, but still fine. He had a 3.64 ERA and they tugged him after two bad starts and a good one this year! I wonder if it was Boone's or Bowden's decision to make the move... And still why? None of his numbers suggest that he should be in the bullpen, especially when a guy like Jimmy Haynes has a K/BB ratio under 1!

The best answer I could give to the question of why they tugged him from the rotation so quick is his W-L record in 2002. Yes, that completely irrelevant stat. He went 6-12 last year, even though he pitched well. This just boggles my mind... why is a 25 year-old starter wasting himself away in the bullpen? Either send him to the minors to get more work or try my suggestion... START HIM IN THE BIG LEAGUES!

If anyone has any information on Reitsma and why he's not starting, I'd like to hear it...

Monday, July 28, 2003
Another trade... Graeme Lloyd to the Royals for Jeremy Hill. Hill was in a three man fight with Mike McDougal and Ryan Bukvich for the closer spot before the season. McDougal won, and has been shaky with control problems, but apparently none of these guys can control the ball. He has great stuff but at Triple AAA, he pitched 40 1/3 innings, with a 7.81 ERA, 41 K, 42 BB, 5 HR, 9 wild pitches, and 3 HBP. No control at all... but this describes it better I think... At Double A, in 2 innings, he allowed 1 un-earned run, while getting 3 K's, 3 BB's, and 3 WP. According to Joe at Betty's No Good Clothes Shop and Pancake House, his minor league career ERA is 1.91. Joe doesn't seem to understand Jim Duquette's thinking here, but I tend to disagree. I like this trade. Lloyd is a lefty specialist who the Mets don't need and they are always in demand. The best you are going to get for one that's dirt cheap is a Triple-A pitcher like Hill with great stuff, but that has a problem. They actually got a pretty good prospect for a 36 year old reliever in getting Hill (who's 26), who could become a decent set-up man if he could get a little control... its worth the shot considering Lloyd would waste away two months here doing nothing. And to be perfectly honest with you, it is GRAEME LLOYD! This isn't a shut-down reliever we are talking about... its simple lefty Graeme Lloyd... I'd rather have Buddy Groom (of course, he's getting paid a lot more money...).

Just thought I'd get this out of the way so I could focus on something else tomorrow (since I won't have a lot of time in the morning). Also, if you didn't see Vlad Guerrero's massive HR in the MON-ATL game (502 feet), you must see it. He just destroyed it.

My daily article was going to be on Jose Lima. He's 7-0 with a 2.17 ERA and I wanted to know if he had the stats to keep this up. Well, I always read the baseball blogs on my sidebar and once in a while a few others before I log in to start my article... the first site I go to everyday is Aaron's Baseball Blog... and what do you know, he's got a Jose Lima article. Go check his out because I wouldn't be able to do anything as good or as in-depth as his and that's why he's considered one of the best. And if you can't get enough "Lima Time!", go check out Universal Baseball Blog Inc. who has a shorter, but also very good article on Lima.

While I'm linking, also go check out Rich's Weekend Baseball Beat for an article on Frank Thomas' Hall of Fame credentials. In-depth and with plenty of statistical analysis, it proves how underrated of a hitter Frank Thomas might be. (And just how good Manny Ramirez might be...)

So, I started to think about what I could write about today. I flipped to the Sports section of my local paper, the Bergen Record. On Sunday, there had been a story about Mike Piazza and how he didn't want to be in the clubhouse, demanded a deal, didn't want to play first base, and how Tom Glavine didn't want him to catch for him...

As Steve Keane of Eddie Kranepool Society mentioned earlier this week, it was pretty obvious Piazza was saying the right things for the media. He doesn't want to move to first base, especially before he beats or probably even crushes the record for HR's by a catcher. Piazza is turning very selfish in this respect. Apparently, the demanded deal would be to an American League team where he could split as a C/DH. But he can't split as a C/1B? Too much work for fragile Mikey? He didn't want to be in the clubhouse because it was filled with young players and the veterans and hope of winning were not there. Good leadership Mike! That's the way to show the young ones how to act! And Tom Glavine not wanting him to catch for him... Is that the problem Tom? Oh wait, Piazza's been injured... But you haven't pitched good with either Wilson or Piazza... Does Tom think he can go Greg Maddux on the Mets and demand his own catcher?

So as you can tell, I loved this article. So today, there's an article that has Wilpon, Piazza, and Glavine all refuting the reports. Piazza says he hasn't demanded a deal and Mets have not considered trading him (that's a mistake...). It's your usual denying crap until you get to Tom Glavine... This is his quote...

"My reaction is that there's absolutely no basis to it."

So far, so good. Just usual denying... then he says this...

"This is another reason why you can't get people to come play here."

So why did you come Tom? Oh, yes, you got a massive contract and a fourth year. You've got three years and $35 million left on your deal after this year and you haven't been pitching nearly good enough to be running your mouth. Then, being a great ambassador for the Mets and helping the cause for getting future free-agent stars like Vladimir Guerrero, he goes and bashes the city, the fans, and the media. Oh, that'll help the Mets get better faster. Thanks, Tom... hope you're happy when you retire for a team that wins 70 games in 2006. How about giving this formula a try... Pitch well and shut up... And you wonder why you're getting booed too?

Hmm, that had a little anger in it... I'll try to be calmer and happier tomorrow...

Sunday, July 27, 2003
As you know from yesterday, I was poking around Baseball Reference. But it was not just for Barry Bonds OPS+ numbers... I was looking at some World Series teams. In particular, all teams that played in the World Series since my first real memory of watching a baseball game (1993 Joe Carter walk-off HR in game 6).

What did I find? That there was one team that I could not explain... I had no clue how this team made a World Series. This was obviously the worst team to make the World Series in my lifetime as a baseball fan... the one, the only... 1998 San Diego Padres! Let's look at the lineup first (this is partly based on how they did that year and partly based on name recognition and careers...)

C- Carlos Hernandez
1B- Wally Joyner
2B- Quilvio Veras
3B- Ken Caminiti
SS- Chris Gomez
LF- Greg Vaughn
CF- Steve Finley
RF- Tony Gwynn

John Vander Wal
Andy Sheets
Mark Sweeney
Ruben Rivera
Greg Myers
Jim Leyritz

First off, the bench is not good at all. The OF was pretty good. The middle infield couldn't hit much, though Veras did a decent job getting on-base. The corner infield was pretty good, but the catcher was not. The team was 8th in runs, 12 in BA, 9th in OBP, and 7th in SLG. 5th in walks, HR, and doubles. It seems like a power team with not that great of a lineup or bench and was really a middle of the road offensive team.

Now the pitching staff... look for yourself...

Kevin Brown
Joey Hamilton
Andy Ashby
Sterling Hitchcock
Mark Langston


Dan Miceli
Brian Boehringer
Donne Wall
Scott Sanders
Randy Myers
Carlos Reyes
Closer- Trevor Hoffman

Now break it down a little better...

The rotation...
Brown- Insanely good year... 18-7, 2.39, 5:1 K/BB ratio
Hamilton- 13-13, 4.27... and didn't pitch well at all
Ashby- 17-9, 3.34... didn't pitch badly
Htichcock- 9-7, 3.93, pitched respectably
Langston- past his prime, 4-6, 5.86

Miceli- 10-5, 3.22... those bullpen wins are extremely important! (Bobby V joke... BBTN the other night)
Boehringer- 5-2, 4.36... typical Boehringer
Wall- 5-4, 2.43... pretty nice
Sanders- 3-1, 4.11, not bad
Myers- 1-3, 6.28, way past his prime
Reyes- 2-2, 3.58, not terrible
Hoffman- 1.48, 53 SV

How could a team possibly go to the World Series with a rotation that has an ace, a young overrated pitcher who never amounted to much, a pitcher having one of his last "good" years, a pitcher who stinks and somehow went 9-7, and a pitcher way past his prime? It was a three man deep pen, with Miceli, Wall, and Hoffman. Then again, Hoffman is almost automatic. Somehow this rotation was 3rd in the league in ERA and 2nd in strikeouts, but also 13th in BB and 14th in HR's.

To me, its completely unexplainable. This team is an 80 win team at most... built sorta like the Texas Rangers. But somehow, forces combined to propel this team to 98-64 (93-69 Pythagorean) and to the top of the NL West. Sterling Hitchcock was the NLCS MVP. I don't get it, though I don't remember that much about this team. If anyone has anything they could tell me to help explain, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, if you don't agree this is the worst WS team since 1993, I'd like to hear your argument for a different team...

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