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Saturday, October 18, 2003
What do you know? I lied... I found time today. Unfortunately, no one will probably read this, but oh well.

You've basically heard everything there is to say on Game 7 of the ALCS. I was right with everyone who wanted Pedro to never see the mound in the 8th inning and one of those who thinks Grady needs to get some guts. Of course, as the bottom of the 8th inning is about to start (around 11 PM EST), I hear this come from my mom...

"Go to sleep. Don't worry, Boston has this won."

Let me explain this first.

1. I usually go to sleep around 11 (I need sleep to go to school), but had been staying up later to watch the playoff games.
2. She really didn't want me to Thursday because...
a) the busy weekend I'm in the middle of right now
b) That eventful day in school on Wednesday involved me passing out in health class. My mom is a little neurotic on that kind of stuff and didn't want me to be tired after that.

So I grunted, and said..

"Pedro is going back out there basically over 100 pitches. Grady is going to be stupid enough to leave him in until he gives up all the lead and its tied."

And my mom's rebuttal?

"Boston has it won, the Yankees can't win, go to sleep."

I grunted again, but I'm a good kid, so I turned off the light and TV....

And then immediately flipped on the radio next to my bed very low so only I could hear it. Did she really think I was going to sleep? I had to listen to crash and burn while I wonder how Grady Little can be such an idiot.

Anyway, I feel asleep during the bottom of the 9th, though if I had been awake for that Aaron Boone homerun, I think I would have been cursing for at least 5 minutes.

So, I wake up in the morning and ask the score. She says Yankees 6-5 in 11. I ask if Pedro gave up all those runs (of course I knew that) and she says yes. I just chuckled...

So that sets up tonight with the Marlins and the Yankees. And to be prefectly honest, I have no idea why I'm picking the Marlins in 7, but I am. I guess part of the reason has to do with Josh Beckett being my MVP.

Meanwhile, I can't imagine being a Cubs or Red Sox fan. I have never experienced such letdowns from any of my teams. I'm one of those who lets sports affect his emotions depending on how his team does. But the only 2 Mets moments that could even come close to killing me are Kenny Rogers in 99 and Timo Perez/Armando in the 2000 WS. The 99 game doesn't kill me because I saw it coming and it was the Braves, who they were not going to beat 3 games in a row. The WS? Sure, but that was more from my pompous Yankee fans who wouldn't shut their mouths.

Other sports. The Nets? Nah. The Rangers. Nah... they really only provided my biggest emotional high, which is Matteau's goal (Just over the Jets comeback against Miami on MNF. And yes, I stayed up to watch that). Duke basketball. I guess losing in 98, with Elton Brand, got to me. The worst for me was probably the Indiana Sweet 16 game last year. That just killed me. Blowing a big lead, and then giving you another chance, and J-Will misses the free throw. That, and probably the Jets playoff game against the Broncos are my biggest emotional killers. And that would be the AFC Championship game. The one where the Jets fumbled inside the Broncos five up 10-0 and John Elway then preceeded to hit Ed McCaffrey for a 98 yard TD (or whatever it was). The Jets went on to lose that game and not make it to the Super Bowl.

But still, having this constant emotional letdown, never geting anything redeeming from your teams. I just can't understand, being let down like that, espeically when so many have it effect their emotional state. But I guess that's why they say that once you become a Red Sox's or Cubs' fan, you are always one.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
The Red Sox win another game John Burkett pitches, setting up Pedro-Clemens 2. I am so excited.

That Cubs inning was unbelievable last night. Prior should have been out after the I-Rod at-bat for sure... but then again, Dusty can't manage.

Today I'll link you to Avkash, who does the first part in his series on who should be playing second base (otherwise known as "Why I'm an idiot for thinking Luis Castillo is the answer." Of course, I'm only kidding, well until he probably proves me otherwise).

And yes, I'm not doing a real post today. I'm sorry, let's just say I had an eventful day in school today.

Also, this weekend I'm busy and will have no posts. Tomorrow is up in the air.

Tuesday, October 14, 2003
"Art Howe es el entrenador muy mala."

Yes, that would be Spanish. Entrenador means coach, which is one of my vocabulary words in the section were doing. That would also be the first sentence I wrote when we were asked to use some of the voacbulary words in sentences. See, even in Spanish class I'm thinking about the Mets. Just thought that was sorta of funny. Now I can say he sucks in two languages.

In other sorta related Mets news, I've been in contact with Avkash over the last couple of days. We've discussed things such as how we would find it interesting to have all the Mets blogs react to what the others write about making different moves in the offseason. It almost becomes a roundtable discussion involving different Mets fans with different ideas. He also agrees that he would have had Marco Scutaro as the starting 2B to start the season. But now that he's gone, Avkash has a different opinion from me. Without giving too much away, let's just say he's not fond of Castillo. For what reasons? I don't know, but I'm interested to find out, and who knows, maybe he can convince me otherwise (expect that later in the week).

Speaking of the work on his blog, he has a very good article on Mike Stanton today and basically concludes that the Mets should pay off his contract and release him. I agree with him greatly and the reason why we both don't think he's the same pitcher is because of his declining K/9 rate from 2001 to 2002, which stayed down in 2003. I wrote about the same thing earlier this year and I knew before the season this would be a bad signing. Now, I had never seen that K/9 stat, but I just knew from watching him with the Yankees he wasn't the same guy.

That article that I wrote helped me to realize how much bullpen performance could fluxiate year to year and how most of the stats players acquired didn't matter year to year because of the small samples. And I learned that lesson basically because, well, I wasn't much of a stathead before this year. All the talk around Moneyball, then reading some blogs, and some Rob Neyer stuff really got me to look more at the way I looked at the game. The stuff I do now, the stats I look at just make so much more sense than what I did before. So, I guess that means I'm learning a little as I write. Not that much, but probably a little, which is good, because I could probably still learn much more than I know.

Anyways, Avkash is pleased, as am I, that Duke went out and got many young, cheap arms with high strikeout rates. The best thing you can do is find a bunch of good arms and let them try their hand in the bullpen. You should find some, year to year, that should work. Anyways, go read his entry today, as it goes much deeper into Stanton and uses some really good statistical evidence.

The Yankees game just ended, and I only have two things that I want to say about it...

1. Torre doesn't have confidence in Contreras to hold a three run lead. I think that's a little pitiful.

2. Burkett is starting tomorrow. I think all of Red Sox's nation shuddered when they thought of that after the end of the game. But then again, he beat Oakland in game 4, so anything is possible.

Also, I think the Cubs win tonight. I'm hoping Sammy hits a HR so he can get MVP and make one of my predictions right.

Monday, October 13, 2003
48 hours. That's a simple 2 days. And for Cubs fans it's probably a week right about now...

Cubs fans. To me, they are an amazing thing this year. While Red Sox's fans can't decide whether they are confident or believe the world is crashing around them, Cubs fans always remain cynical. Their two best pitchers going against, well, two guys from Florida (one who is the fifth starter). Their two best pitchers who have been very good this postseason and yet they still can't even think about the possibility of being in the World Series without imagining some major collapse. They'll use anything they can find, though some of the excuses might be relevant. I see the Cubs winning tomorrow night and Mark Prior pitching extremely well, but there is always the question of the pitch counts. They have been using him like a rag doll and while I don't think anything will happen in the playoffs, they have to stop it soon, because he could go the way of A.J. Burnett next year. And Kerry Wood? Well, he's never been the most consistent pitcher ever. But I just can't believe that just because of all these years of losing that they can't feel confident in the fact that they clearly have the advantage in two games at home, where they only have to win one.

So, what is this post really about? To be perfectly honest, I don't know. I'm ranting, without knowing what my real topic is. It just seems crazy that 48 hours could be so tough on a set of fans.

And the other series... is there really a game being played? Because no one seems to be talking about Mussina vs. Wakefield. It seems to be more about the fight and something that happened two days ago, that shouldn't matter anymore. And that's the problem with baseball fights. The aftermath lasts, it doesn't go away. It puts a stain on the series and on the game. And for it to happen in a postseason that had so many amazing games. Who knows? This could drive up the ratings even more (they are already up), which will make Bud happy, but its not because of baseball. Which means it won't have the lasting effect of keeping people watching once the aftermath finally dies down. So in the end, MLB will win in the short term, but probably lose in the long term.

Speaking of this game, here's some stats on Mussina and Wakefield...

Mussina vs. BOS- 109 IP, 7-5, 2.73 ERA, 73 H, 7 HR, 106 K, 22 BB, .192 BAA
Wakefield vs. NYY- 52.1 IP, 2-3, 2.92 ERA, 42 H, 5 HR, 39 K, 25 BB, .222 BAA

Mussina vs. BOS- 23.2 IP, 0-0, 3.04 ERA, 13 H, 3 HR, 19 K, 7 BB, .163 BAA
Wakefield vs. NYY- 25 IP, 2-2, 3.96 ERA, 20 H, 1 HR, 17 K, 13 BB, .217 BAA

In recent memory, both have pitched well against the other team, which sets up for an interesting matchup. Should be fun to watch, but hopefully there is just baseball, and no extracirricular activities.

Sunday, October 12, 2003
Not a big post today because I'm tired and wanna watch some of the games (both baseball and my Jets).

If you want a good and totally unbiased review of the Red Sox-Yankees incident yesterday, head over to Aaron's site, who has a rare weekend entry. From what I saw on replays (I didn't actually see it live), my thoughts are fairly close to his.

The other thing I want to mention is how I really like how we have a bunch of Mets blogs now that cover all different types of things. You have people who have a great sense of knowledge on the minors, people who talk about the actual games, people who talk about the major league team and their statistics, and a little comedy too. It's great to see so much interesting stuff on the Mets being written everyday and I hope I'm contributing at least a little to that.

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