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Saturday, January 03, 2004
Mets sign Looper

2 years, 6.5 million dollars. I repeat... 2 years, 6.5 million dollars. I like Looper a lot, but this is way too much money for a team that doesn't need a "closer" or better yet, doesn't need a "proven closer".

I'm stuck on this deal otherwise because I like Looper. Ignoring the money for a moment, I sorta like this signing. I like Looper a lot and think he can be very good and he's young. Granted, the Mets have a lot of bullpen arms, but I think he could be a second tier closer type eventually.

2 years is the good part of this deal because our other "closer prospects" will be ready by then for sure. But 3.25 million for a guy to close on a team that probably won't go anywhere... Why?

The other part that scares me about this is what might happen from here... The payroll is supposed to be 80 million and before the Looper signing, it was basically there. Now, its over, and Duke still wants a RF and a starting pitcher... We've heard Sidney Ponson... that would be 4-5 million down the drain. A RF would probably cost 2 to 2.5 million. Together, that would be 9.25 to 10.75 million dollars down the drain on three players, two that would have no use for us (with the RF obviously having a use... mostly not being Timo Perez or Roger Cedeno). But what scares me is that if the Wilpon's were willing to dish out another 5 million, they could have Vlady. With Vlady, this team would get more revenue and they could surely make up the extra 5 million dollars the Wilpons would have to spend. We'll see what happens in the future, but I'm afraid that it will look like the Mets had the money to spend on Vlady, but just didn't.

So, to wrap it up, I'm wishy-washy on the signing. I like Braden Looper as a pitcher and its the right number of years, but its too much money.

Friday, January 02, 2004
First of all, this is a must read. It's Rich Lederer of Rich's Weekend Baseball BEAT and its about a couple of sportswriters he e-mailed about Bert Blyleven and his case for the Hall of Fame. Very interesting and hopefully a good sign for future sports writing.

I got this e-mail last night from Swain...

One of my hobbies is trying to find pitchers Duquette should try to sign. I think I e-mailed you about Glendon Rusch. You'll probably start to hear Ron Villone's name mentioned. I like to go a little deeper to even more obscure names. With that in mind, I give you Matt Perisho. 28, Lefty. Just had a great season in the Venezuelan winter league. Currently unsigned after D- Backs released him from AAA. In '99 withTexas, He struck out 17, while walking 2."

Let's tackle these one by one...

I've talked about Glendon Rusch before. I've changed my mind for him as the fifth starter (give it to Heilman), but he's still young and as a cheap lefty out of the pen and as insurance if both Heilman and Griffiths suck... might be possible. I like him, but I don't think a minor league contract would work cause someone will give him a major league one (or at least should if they need a starter). Not a bad move. but not needed (that will be a theme).

Ron Villone- He's 34 (or will be in two weeks). That's already reason not to sign him. He did have a 4.13 ERA in 19 starts for Houston and a nice 7.68 K/9 rate. His H/9 was very low at 7.68. Unfortunately, his walk rate was 4.05 per 9. For his career, its 4.77 and he's pitched many innings out of the pen. Would you want him as a starter? He's 34, there really isn't a point. I'd rather pay the minimum and give one of our young guys a shot. Plus, he might want over a million considering his ERA last year. And as a reliever... well, as Avkash stresses, the Mets have many young arms in the system that can fill out the bullpen, so we don't need to bring in old arms (told you there was a theme).

Matt Perisho- He's 28, a good sign. He's also bounced around a lot. Here's why... 6.31 K/9, 5.26 BB/9, 12.11 H/9 career in 214 major league innings (86 games, 26 starts). 1.47 HR/9 career in majors. His K rate in the minors is nice, with it being over 7. But his walk rate is 4.22 in the minors. He might have some good stuff to get strikeouts, but he has no control. And don't the Mets have enough young arm, bullpen, high K-rate arms in the minors? I guess there is never enough of them, but not one who walks this many guys. Maybe Peterson could figure that out, and if he thought he could, he might be worth a flyer on. But if needs to be guaranteed a spot on the 40 man, forget it.

The three names above and the e-mail (thanks for sending it Swain) basically save me from doing a Sidney Ponson rant. Why? Because, the basic point I got at with all three is why do we need to sign them? Having pitchers is not a problem for the Mets right now. The only problem the Mets have is the hole in RF. They have enough guys who could compete for the 5 spot and they have enough young guys in the system to pitch in the bullpen. And paying a good sum of money for Sidney Ponson would just be a waste (considering he would be overpaid too... but that's besides the point).

That's all for today. Be back tomorrow, and if there is no baseball news, I might just do a preview of the football games.

Thursday, January 01, 2004
I really wanted to post yesterday, but my computer and blogger weren't helping, so I didn't.

First off, Happy New Year to everyone. 2004 brings hope for all us Mets fans that we might make it to .500 this year. For Tigers fans, its brings hope of 50 wins (my first cheap shot of the year is at the Tigers... that's too easy... and cruel).

I won't bore you with much baseball today, as you're probably all tired and possibly hungover. It's a good day to spend time with your family and watch a couple of bowl games.

One of my New Years' Resolutions for this site is to update the sidebar quickly and when deemed appropriate, instead of waiting two weeks to put a link to another blog on it. So with that in mind, here's a couple of blogs I've been meaning to add...

Bambino's Curse- Edward Cossette's blog on the Red Sox's. Less numbers, more feelings and words. I wish I could write a little more like that.

Some Calzone For Derek- Read the top blurb for explanation of blog name. Great site worthy of checking out.

Dick Allen's Baseball Blog- Another one I've been reading, though I happened to miss this post, where Rich called my blog excellent. Well, same goes for Rich and the rest of the writers over there. Definitely worth reading everyday.

So, go check out those blogs and have a good New Year's Day. I'll be working on my Glavine article for Amazinz today and I'll be back tomorrow with something. And that something could very possibly be an angry rant on Sidney Ponson.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003
I got nothing. There is nothing going on Mets-wise. There is hardly anything going on baseball-wise. At all.

The good thing to report is that since I'm writing my article for Amazinz on Tom Glavine, I've motivated myself to start my pitching projections. Hopefully they'll be done by spring training, so you know, I could do a good lengthy season preview.

Right field names are being thrown around the Mets blogosphere everywhere these days. The most interesting one is suggested by Stephen, who throws out the name Kevin Mench.

Since I got nothing on baseball, I'll leave you today with my first round picks for the NFL playoffs.

Cowboys 17-13 over the Panthers
Packers 38-10 over the Seahawks

Colts 28-24 over the Broncos
Titans 17-3 over the Ravens

Catch you all tomorrow, when I may have a topic to write on.

Monday, December 29, 2003
What to get to? Let's see, just a lot of bloggy type stuff...

New on the sidebar:

The Baseball Blog of Oz- A New York sports fan who likes the Mets. Welcome to the club!

Mariners Musings- This is so long overdue. I've been reading Peter's site for about a month now but just been too lazy to update the sidebar. Go check him out, he does great work.

In other quasi-blogging news, Eric of SaberMets has found himself a spot in the "Hall of Fame Blogs" section of Aaron Gleeman's sidebar. That's three Mets blogs! We are taking over the world... or something like that...

Also added to the sidebar is Amazinz, a site for Mets fans written by Mets fans. Has a great Sunday report on, you guessed it, Sunday.

I've been asked to contribute to their articles section, and I think I will. I've discussed doing a Tom Glavine article for Antonio as my first on their site (since it was my first major topic), and I might like to do a weekly or every other week article for them. I figure its a way to get my writing out to even more Mets fans and I'm just flattered they want me to write for them. I would link to the article here on the day its posted, plus I would still talk about other things here, as long as there is something to talk about.

On to Mets news, well sort of Mets news...

k d, in response to my suggestion of John Vander Wal, suggests trading for Jay Gibbons. She suggests trading Wigginton for Gibbons, who is only 26. She later gets an article explaining that Mora might move to 3B and Guerrero would push Gibbons to 1B or DH.

I like Gibbons. A lot. I think he has a wonderful upside, and he's only 26. I could see him getting up to .280/.350/.500 in the next few years (though probably not in Shea). But, we hit a bunch of roadblocks. Wigginton wouldn't be worth it if the O's are moving Mora to 3B. He could play 2B, but I think they'll be happy with Hairston Jr. and Roberts, who was 8th in the AL in steals last year. Plus, something would have to be thrown in with Wigginton, because, honestly, that trade is not even. Now, if they aren't going to use Griffiths, they could move him in a trade there too, considering the O's need pitching.

The other thing is that I think he'll end up at 1B or DH. Right now, on their roster, to play 1B, they have David Segui. As for DH's, they have Marty Cordova and Jack Cust. Now, the problem with Segui is that he's owed 7 million this year, so he'll probably end up getting his fair share of at bats, probably at DH (he's a disaster in the field now). Marty Cordova could be a back up OF, as he just doesn't seem cut out for everyday play (of course, he's owed 3.5 next year). Jack Cust... umm, power bat off the bench. Decent DH type too.

But Gibbons should get the job at 1B. He's too good not to give the job too. Of course, this is the O's we are talking about, but I don't see Gibbons gong anywhere. But if he is, Griffiths and Wigginton would be a nice offer (Wigginton does have more power than Hairston or Roberts and Roberts could be a speed guy off the bench. As for Hairston... UTIL inf? I'm not particulary high on him).

Before I'm done with this post, I just have one question... How does a guy who had a 5.75 ERA last year get 2.75 million dollars. It's good to be Cory Lidle. Well, until he realizes he's pitching in the Great American Launching Pad.

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