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Saturday, February 07, 2004
I'm not sure why, but I ran the BABIP for all of our pitchers at home and away. And yes, the home/road numbers for the team are different from the ones I posted two-three weeks. I made a little error then...

Home: .2954
Away: .2862

Overall: .2866, 3.82
Home: .3057, 4.43
Away: .2677, 3.25

Overall: .2906, 4.52
Home: .3114, 5.22
Away: .2675, 3.82

Overall: .2956, 3.99
Home: .3120, 3.46
Away: .2824, 4.41

Overall: .2700, 3.78
Home: .2800, 3.97
Away: .2587, 3.55

Fifth Starters
Overall: .3375

Overall: .2945
Home: .2810
Away: .3055

Those are obviously ERA numbers next to the starters...

A few things...

1. I only figured out the bullpen numbers because I wanted to figure out how the home/road numbers for the team got somewhere close. I don't read much into them because they combine a lot of small sample sizes and are somewhat unpredictable year to year (I know BABIP is too, but you understand the point).
2. I didn't bother with the fifth starters... they sucked too much.
3. Al Leiter was the only one to pitch better at home and he also had a higher BABIP at Shea like the rest of the starters. The reasoning behind that probably has to do with the 12 HR he gave up on the road as opposed to 3 at home. I understand Trachsel gave up 19 at Shea and 7 on the road, but he also struck out way less people on the road and walked a few more.

Other than that, I'll leave this alone for you to look at. If you have any comments or observations or anything like that, feel free to discuss them in the comments.

This whole SoSH-Schilling-Pinto thing has blown up fast. I don't have a particular big time opinion worthy of a post, but do check out these links on it...

The original post my David Pinto that started the thing. Check out the comments on how the whole thing with SoSh got started.

Responses by Larry Mahnken, Alex Belth and Edward Cossette. There is also an open letter by Will Carroll floating around which you can find here at Boston Dirt Dogs (along with their response).

The most interesting one goes to Jay Jaffe, who has a long tirade on the subject. The comments might even be more interesting.

They can all say it a lot better than me, so go read all of those. It is only the biggest story in the baseball blogosphere right now.

Friday, February 06, 2004
I got a snow day (wasteful one) and still have nothing to write. But, since I have the time, I decided to update my sidebar with all those sites I haven't added lately...

Redbird Nation- Great Cardinals site and long long overdue. This is almost as bad as when I waited two or three weeks to add Peter White's Mariners Musings site.

Athletics Nation- I always like reading about the A's and this site is good.

Dugout Dollars- A site devoted to contracts. The chart only line up on IE right now, but still a great source.

The movie Miracle came out today and I'm going to see it as soon as possible. If there was any one sporting event I could have been to, that would probably be it. Over the Buckner game, any magical Duke moments or even the Rangers-Devils game 7 in 94. Despite the fact I wasn't even alive, that moment transcends sports and to see how much it meant to people in those stands, it would be amazing.

That's all for now. If I find some news, I'll be back.

Thursday, February 05, 2004
A couple of things, most of them not baseball...

JD Arney answers the question of Chris Rietsma today. And what do you know, he comes up with the conclusion that they are misusing him. And its probably mostly because of the W-L record in 2002. I'm glad I was right, that I'm not the only crazy one who thinks he should be starting, and that I got a good answer to the question. Go read it and thanks to JD.

Mets sign Erickson to minor league deal

I've discussed this many times, but here are the three good things...

1. They won't sign James Baldwin.
2. Its a minor league deal, meaning there is really no risk.
3. Lisa Guerrero, his wife, is hot. Having him in the rotation a couple of months might be worth it if she sits in the stands a few times (you know TV will show her a million times), no matter how bad he pitches.

Overall, I can't argue with the move, though they probably could have a found a guy or two better who would have taken minor league deals (Glendon Rusch!)

On to hockey, where Mike Richter was honored last night by having his number retired by the Rangers. I watched the over 30 minute ceremony and actually got sort of emotional, especially watching the clip of him injuring his knee. He was a great player and his career stats don't state how good he was (his defense was horrendous a lot of his career). He is probably the best US goalie ever born to this point. He was a great Ranger (my second favorite all time... I have a weird love affair with Joey Kocur, who signed my chamionship shirt in a mall when I was 7) and a great guy. He deserves the honor and it was sad to see his career end early, though he made the right choice... seeing him ruin the rest of his life would have been much worse.

He was the type of goalie that you felt, no matter how the defense played, that he was going to win the game (some of those 50-60 save games were amazing). He was that good. The ceremony was great, the boat he got was awesome, and it was great to see Graves back and get the applause he did.

And then the sorry-ass team the Rangers have today lost 4-3 to Minnesota. FIRE SATHER!

ACC Basketball has been weird this year. My favorite team, Duke, is somehow still undefeated in conference (UNC tonight though...). UNC struggles without a deep bench but they scare me a lot. GT and Wake have been very good and very bad, depending on the day. FSU is always dangerous at home, but they have taken it to a new level this year. It won't be a shock when Duke makes a trip there and has their annual collapse. If FSU could win a big road game, they could be a 5 or 6 seed. Maryland is young and sort of talented. I just don't know when Caner-Medley got that good. NC State, with Julius Hodge, scare me and I think they might make some noise really late in the season. Clemson and Virginia suck. Can 7 teams make the big tourney from the ACC? Possibly, but I'm thinking 6. The 7th might win the NIT, depending on which good mid majors get left out.

So, I'll be on my couch tonight watching UNC vs. Duke,hoping Chris Duhon does enough good to help them sneak by with another win (And never ever get me started on the Coach K slow down offense when you are up 10 or so with 7 to 9 minutes left. That would be a long rant).

Wednesday, February 04, 2004
A few links and a couple of comments...

Bryan Hoch of Always Amazin' answers a few questions for Amazinz. Very interesting questions and answers. Also, Bryan is apparently going to do a second part. Should be good.

Avkash takes a look at infield defense and outfield defense/catcher according to Rate2. Who knew a 1B was that important? Or that Roger Cedeno was apparently an "above average" centerfielder in the few games he played out there last year? A lot of interesting things in there to look at.

This is just cool. A Mariners blog doing the Baseball News Blog thing.

Yankees trade for Mike Lamb. Not a terrible move. I've been waiting for Larry Mahnken's take on the situation and its interesting. I think Lamb and Houston can put up a .350/.425 offensively. Defensively they aren't very good, but just how important is 3B defense? I think 3B is pretty important (in most cases, they make the fourth most plays per year on a team... SS, 2B and CF obviously being above... that's not in any particular order), but Avkash's Rate2 discussion would disagree (or at least the fact that the difference between good and bad isn't that big). If they are as bad (or almost as bad) as Sheffeild, Sheff might not be the worst idea. They could then take a right fielder with a bad contract (Richard Hildago anyone? Pretty good hitter, very good defensive RF according to UZR) and probably be better off. Kevin Brown is going to go nuts with either defense, so you might as well make the offense better.

If I find something interesting later, I'll probably be back to post on it. Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow, with some baseball and probably some ACC Basketball (Duke vs. North Carolina is tomorrow night).

Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Seth of Seth Speaks covers the NL East pitchers today in his fantasy perspective. Go check it out.

An article to talk about! Woo!

Mets like chances of getting Erickson

Before we touch on Erickson, let's tackle this statement...

"So the Mets are also talking to James Baldwin and Ron Villone as candidates to compete for the fifth starter's role."

You mean the same James Baldwin that has never had a sub 4 ERA in any season in his career? I think you know where I would go with this one, so we'll just stop.

Ron Villone? I taclked him here, but let's review the reasons why I don't believe his 4.13 ERA for a second.

Terrible K/BB. Nice K rate, but terrible walk rate (4.77 for career)
Not a particularly great HR rate (Yes, he's moving from Enron to Shea, but still considerable)
.257 BABIP and a 25% non-HR hits per balls in play. Some defense, mostly lucky (Redsfaithful hits upon the point of defense with Villone for the 99 Reds today.)
A 4.13 ERA earns him a major league contract and possibly more than a million. Scary, isn't it?

Now, Scott Erickson. He's a massive groundball pitcher with a terrible K rate and a decent walk rate gving him a not so good K/BB. His HR/9 for his career hasn't been bad. On a flyer, he's not a bad move. Wigginton still has no range at third, but the up the middle defense is improved and a lot of groundballs could be scooped up. If he could give us two-three months of average ball before he gets injured or wears down, Peterson should be confident enough in one of the youngsters to send him out there in the fifth spot (assuming no yougnster is ready). It is always nice to have a backup plan and Erickson is certainly not the worst one I've heard this offseason. (James Baldwin? Wow...)

Monday, February 02, 2004
I refuse to talk about that thing called the Super Bowl yesterday.

If the Red Sox ever win the World Series, I'd be afraid of Simmons' article. This is the one on the Super Bowl. Be warned, if you hate the Patriots, like me, its not for you.

Still stuck on what to write. Working on a few things, but very slowly. So, with that in mind, I think I'll go for reader response today. Just leave your answers in the comments.

With it looking like Brandon Inge will get sent down to AAA with the signing of Pudge (stealing a page from PTI)...

What was your favorite moment of the Brandon Inge Era?

Mine was by far seeing him put up that .333 OBP in the month of March. I'm very surprised he didn't keep up the pace.

That's all for today. Hopefully I'll be enlightened at some point so I have something to write.

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