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Thursday, May 13, 2004
Public Service Announcement
Mets Fans:

It's me—Jeff Pearlman, author of "The Bad Guys Won" about the '86 Mets.
Have a favor. Book has been out for two weeks (good reviews and good
sales, I might add) and I have a favor. For anyone reading it and/or
anyone who has read it or plans on reading it, I'd love to be made
aware of any factiual screw-ups found. Three relatively small ones have
been brought to my attention thus far. It's very important, because
things can be altered in the paperback.

Anyhow, I can be e-mailed at Help, as always,
hugely appreciated. Also dig good/big feedback.


Jeff Pearlman
Otheriwse, I apologize for the lack of posting/content. Things are a little busy in life and with the Mets on the west coast, I don't see much Mets baseball.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004
You know, at some point in life, you just have to laugh a little, even if you want to smash a window (wouldn't have been a smart idea though with the heavy rain).

That's what I did last night. As I watched James Baldwin suck... wait, I don't think suck describes it. I don't think a word on Earth describes what James Baldwin did. Anyway, I just sort of laughed it off. The Mets were shown they were complete idiots (again) and we would see Heilman or Yates back on Saturday. Or so I thought...
Howe did say Baldwin will get another start.
What? Wait... this hasn't convinced you that James Baldwin sucks? What has to Art? How about his major league career? You know, the one without a sub 4 ERA. I'd scream, but I think its healthier to just laugh at the idiocy going on.

Speaking of idiocy, how about a clap for our man Art Howe? First, violating the CDBUS and bringing in Dan Wheeler for James Baldwin, who you know, is the same soft tossing thrower the D'Backs were just killing. Orber Moreno would have been perfect here, but then again, Orber Moreno would be used well in a lot of places, you know, if he was ever used. Ricky Bottalico, the next pitcher, wouldn't have been a bad idea, though I like Moreno doing the 3rd and 4th and handing the ball to Bottalico.

Speaking of Bottalico, I've only heard about the bases loaded situation through word of mouth, but it seems to me that it was a perfect pinch hitting situation. But I won't comment too much on this because I don't know enough about it.

Speaking of Bottalico (this is going to be a stretch), Grant Roberts was apparently, you know, injured... like we all guessed!
Grant Roberts' career as a Met may not be over. The right-hander, who was designated for assignment May 4, has informed the Mets he was suffering from shoulder pain prior to the attempted demotion, and if that's the case the Mets would not be able to trade him, release him or send him down until the injury is resolved.
You know, it would have been just easier to put him on the DL for the time being, but that would be, you know, the smart thing to do...

With all the transactions floating around, Avkash has whipped out his first Roster Moves column. And, in it, he makes me realize the Mets gave Tom Wilson a minor league deal and he's playing in Norfolk. Damn, I missed that one.

Al "Bullpen Sucker" Leiter vs. Elmer "I got nothing" Dessens tonight. Hopefully it goes a little better than last night...

Monday, May 10, 2004
Yeah... I'm sorta stumped for writing today. It's weird writing from the beginning of the year as opposed to jumping in at the beginning of the summer last year. That allowed me to come in full force...

-Baldwin gets his start (hopefully only) tonight. We'll see how that goes.

-The Mets did not get swept by the Brewers, though Art Howe sure tried to make it happen. Braden Looper can pitch in the 8th inning...

-Ricky Gutierrez's sole job on the roster now is to be celebrating Todd Pratt... except he's trying to injure people.

-Joe McEwing played all three up the middle positions this weekend. I am going to barf.

Finally, in a non-related Mets note, Blogger decided to change the way posting goes on. I'm somewhat opposed to the new way, but it does allow me to do this, which might make it all worth it...
Dave Burba is the Brewers set up man?
Of course, I'll use this when actually quoting things, but since I have nothing to quote today, I decided to ask something that was on my mind. It will certainly look better than the italics deal.

Sunday, May 09, 2004
Two roster moves, one good and one good/bad. Let's start with the good...

Good: Scott Erickson transferred to the 60 day DL. WOO!

Good: Tyler Yates sent down.

Bad: James Baldwin brought up and will start tomorrow vs. Arizona.

I like Tyler Yates getting sent down, but does James Baldwin really serve a purpose to this team now or in the future? Give me Heilman, Ginter... hell, give me Griffiths. Anyone under 30.

I missed yesterday's game, but there are a few things that are clear....

-Tyler Yates needs to go. The bullpen is a possibility (it might rid us of Ricky Freaking Bottalico. And yes, he gets that special "freaking" treatment), though that would probably steal Orber Moreno's chance to get screwed by his team... err... innings. I say he still has a passable chance at being a middle to back of the rotation pitcher, so send him back down to Norfolk to work on some things (like being a power pitcher and being aggressive while not leaving the ball over the plate ahead of the count).

As for who to call up? Anyone... Baldwin is a possibility, though I'd really prefer not to go that route. I like Aaron Heilman, but that ERA and H/IP and HR/9 (if they even look at that) will scare the Mets away from his performance despite the nice K:BB. Matt Ginter would seem like the young guys front runner with the solid season he's putting together at Norfolk. And, of course, Scott Erickson is lurking somewhere.

-How did the Mets score 3 runs (2 earned) off Lil' El Duque when he walked 7 batters? Lil' El Duque actually pitched a no hitter... in a little over 4 innings.

-Ricky Gutierrez has gone from bad to a disaster.

-Ricky Bottalico gave up a run. YAY!

But, I did catch part of the Yankees-M's game yesterday, especially the inning where the Yanks broke it open off of Gil Meche. And I must say, Raul Ibanez and Quinton McCracken gave me some great entertainment watching them play the outfield. They really do miss Mike Cameron.

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