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Saturday, May 22, 2004
I'm not going to see a lot of Mets baseball this weekend. That doesn't mean I can't have an opinion though (but the e-mail is working again people, so go ahead and send them!)...

In blatantly obvious news, Tyler Yates is being recalled for Exis Snead. He gets the start today and we will see how it goes. If he pitches well, don't be surprised to see Ginter get sent down when Leiter comes back. Also, thanks to Exis Snead for pinch running for Jason Phillips in the 8th inning yesterday. Way to be useful when you get called up.

Speaking of last night's 9-7 win, Jason Phillips finally got his average up to .204, above the Mendoza line. Looper also gave up 2 ER in the ninth, but they didn't matter much since he had a four run cushion.

Jose eyes return next week. I read the news title and I said "For real?". There is still part of me that will not believe this until I see it, but here's the news for now...

"Time to remove the "MIA" taped on a picture of Jose Reyes in the far corner of the Mets' clubhouse. Reyes began a rehab assignment with the St. Lucie Mets last night, playing five innings at second base and going 1-for-2 at the plate with a groundout, single and steal against Brevard County.

Assuming Reyes' fragile hamstring feels healthy today, he could play seven or nine innings tonight for the Florida State League team.

Mets GM Jim Duquette said the organization has off-days built into Reyes' rehab program, but it appears that the rookie - barring another setback - will rejoin the big club by Friday, when the Mets open a series at Florida.

Barring another setback? Great way to be fully positive Duke! As I said, when I see him out there on a MLB field, I'll believe it. Until then... I guess there's hope.

Aaron Boone? What?

"The Yankees are not the only New York team pondering Aaron Boone.

The Mets are monitoring Boone and have considered pursuing the former Yankee to play third base later this season. Boone has been out all year with a torn ACL, suffered playing basketball.

Although he is rehabbing from a major injury, Boone, who said he hopes to be back playing in July, would almost assuredly represent an upgrade over Ty Wigginton and Todd Zeile at third. Boone's presence also would allow the Mets to take their time with prospect David Wright.

a. Boone won't be any better than Wigginton and Zeile offensively. Defensively, he'll be a big upgrade over Wigginton (then again, a monkey would be a defensive upgrade over Wigginton) and he'll be a little bit of an upgrade over Zeile, but if they are expecting anything more offensively, they are mistaken.

b. Take time with David Wright? ETA 2005 people! He's tearing the ball up in AA. He might be better than the three of them combined right now! Mark Hale does acknowledge this later in the article though...

"However, Boone must be considered a Mets longshot. Not only is the California native believed to want to stay on the West Coast (with industry suspicion that the Angels, with Troy Glaus likely out for the year, are the favorites), but he likely will command a contract that runs through 2005. With Wright in the fold, it's hard to envision the Mets going that far financially."

It's hard to invision the Mets going that far? I don't think Mark should doubt the Mets ability to make stupid decisions...

Finally, in our attempt to take over the world (or something like that), I'd like to be the last person to welcome Mike aka Mr. Met to the blogosphere. He runs The Metropolitians and has some great stuff up already. Definitely worth reading every day.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

The second coming of the Sign Vlad site? That didn't do what we wanted either...

Found courtesy of Joel Sherman's sane article (this is the insane one) on Art Howe's managerial moves (which he gets right enough).

Coverage of last night's game? Look no further than Matt and Trendon's guest post at YMTR.

The injury rash is killing the Mets lately, with Cameron playing through pain, Danny Garcia not playing the last few nights with a minor injury, Zeile getting stitches on his face after getting a spike to it last night and Leiter going on the DL. For now Exis ".299 OBP in AAA in 2003" Snead is up, though that will change when Leiter's spot in the rotation comes around (expect Tyler Yates).

Speaking of Cammy's injury, Avkash covers what happens if Cameron eventually does go to the DL.

The Mets are playing now, so I'm out to finish watching the game...

Wednesday, May 19, 2004
What to say? I don't know, to be honest. It's tough for me right now... as Vinny would say, I'm one of the usual purveyors of pessimism. Seriously, I have nothing to make fun of Art Howe about. I mean, he pitched Orber last night only down 1 (he should have doubled switched with Danny Garcia to get Joe McEwing out when he brought Orber in, but that's a minor detail)! I could pick on him for Wigginton batting fifth, but its not like the other options are good #5 hitters either.

Of course, I'm kidding (somewhat). I'd much rather be the happy and excited Mets fan talking about the good stuff instead of the pessimistic, angry fan. Here are some quick hits...

-Jason Phillips (or Gogs as we lovingly call him) has woken up and started hitting. Even when he makes outs they are hit hard and he even is starting to get a little lucky (bloop hit last night).

-You know, I've spent a few words on Ricky Bottalico (even given him a middle name of "Freakin'") here and most of them haven't been flattering towards him. Well, its time to eat the crow. I was dead wrong and I have been impressed by the revitalized Bottalico. Of course, kaley, you know, the rational one, got this one right, but what fun would I be if I was rational? Anyway, I love his stuff and has become the right hander I trust third most coming out of the pen (Looper first and Moreno second).

-Speaking of Orber Moreno, how can you not be impressed by this guy? The balls hit off him are soft and he strikes out almost a guy an inning. His RA is 4.50, but DIPS says it should be 2.05. Let the "Orber getting in the game" chants continue.

-Eric Valent... I can't decide how I feel on this. He is getting on-base, but he probably won't continue to this well and he has a terrible approach at the plate sometimes (see: bottom 9th inning last night). He's a little bit of a hacker, but I guess the way he's playing right now, I shouldn't argue.

-This team has posted a lot of late rallies. A lot of comebacks or almost comebacks. While exciting, it does little to help the health of Mets fans (though we are a little mentally deranged anyways), especially when the hits are broken bat hits.

I've been thinking about this a little and for some reason, I can't shake the notion that this team reminds me a lot of the 2003 KC Roayls + a more consistent bullpen - a spunky Latin manager (this Met team has the revolving/somewhat injured starting pitching). A couple of very good players (Beltran and Sweeney vs. Floyd and Piazza) and few good players (Berroa and Mastui, for example) and a bunch of average guys playing over their heads. Combine that with the late rallies and I see a lot of 2003 KC Royals in them. The question is... is that a good thing?

Well, for the fans, winning is always good, so we will take it. But this would concern me about management... If this team continues to do this and is playing way over the record they should be at, will management pull a dumb trade at the deadline jeopardizing any part of the future? Will they be like the Angels of 2002 at the end of the season and be pretty content with what they have (let's say a 83 win team) plus adding Wright and more replaceable RF and pitchers when they should add parts that can help win in 2006? This team could spend the money to be pretty good (but probably not playoff bound yet) in 2005 without jeopardizing the future, but would they spend it the right way (meaning bad high priced contracts)? My idea on the plan has always been looking at 2006 and I don't want the Mets to make rash moves before then to jeopardize any part of the future (but want them to make moves to set up for the future). Hopefully, if the Mets do keep this spunkiness up, they go with a plan like the Royals of 2003 and realize they aren't as good as the played and not the 2002 Angels, who actually thought that team was a World Champion caliber team again. Realize what you are and build for that future date of 2006.

The Mets attempt to go for .500 tonight with Trachsel facing Suppan. Let's go Mets!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Randy Johnson perfect game vs. the Braves
Florida butt whooped by the Astros 9-2
Mets score two in the bottom of the 9th to win 5-4

Could this have gone any better tonight? (Philly is delayed at the time of this post, winning 7-6.) More on my excitement over the Mets game tomorrow...

Mets Starting Lineup on 5/18/04

1. Eric Valent, RF
2. Kazuo Matsui, SS
3. Cliff Floyd, LF
4. Mike Piazza, 1B
5. Ty Wigginton, 3B
6. Jason Phillips, C
7. Mike Cameron, CF
8. Joe McEwing, 2B
9. Tom Glavine, P

Anyone else find something wrong with this (and no, not Joe McEwing)?

The Mets are 2 games under .500 with the beatable Cardinals rolling into town.

Matt "He's from NY so he wants to play with the Mets so we should sign him!" Morris pitches against Tom "No K for You" Glavine tonight in the first of the 3 games.

In other news, it seems Danny Garcia is a... bad motha?. Tom Verducci picks on Danny Garcia in attempting to make a point about young players and how they are too cocky and the like. I personally enjoyed the little story with Garcia, but that's just me.

Monday, May 17, 2004
First off, if anyone has e-mailed me in the last 5 days or so (which is highly unlikely anyways) and I haven't responded, I apologize. I can't access my e-mail right now and when I can, I'll make sure to get back to you.

With that said, I stumbled across this Rocca article entitled "Pinella could be managining Mets next season".

I'm not much for getting into this because I think Pinella is overrated (and not worth the trouble of buying him out from the Devil Rays) and I don't feel like assuming too much on both Art's and Pinella's situations.

But I found this part mildly entertaining...
No matter what Wilpon says about Seattle's negotiating tactics and no matter how many conspiracy theories you have heard about the Mariners trying to force Piniella to Tampa, the Mets could have had the right man to replace Bobby Valentine (who probably didn't need to be fired anyway) if they had been willing to make a decent trade offer.

The Mariners asked for Jose Reyes and Roberto Alomar in exchange for Piniella and Bret Boone, whose contract the Mets wanted no part of. Boone went on to have a great season and Alomar was terrible, just another blown chance for the Mets, who might have gotten Piniella and Boone for Alomar and Aaron Heilman.

Such a deal would have made them wild-card contenders last year and this year, not the wreck they have been instead.
You can make an arguement that Boone could have them as wild card contenders (if 5 games back consistently is contending) this year, but last year? Are you kidding me? I didn't know Lou Pinella was worth 10 wins himself...

Later, Rocca rambles more about the job (since, you know, he's positive Art Howe will be fired)...
If the Mets don't end up with Piniella next season, we would love to see them hire Reggie Jackson. Mr. October doesn't have managing experience, but he has all the other requisites for the job in Queens, including a genius I.Q. and a personality that would attract fans. Jackson would tell players like it is while at the same time massaging their egos.

It's doubtful Steinbrenner would allow Jackson to get anywhere near the job -- Jackson is under contract as a special advisor -- and Jackson knows that. When asked about the Mets job, Jackson diplomatically said, "I'd always listen, but I have a great job here."

Don Baylor also would have a shot at the Mets job, as would Valentine. Fred Wilpon has indicated he would consider rehiring Valentine some day, but Jeff Wilpon would probably fight that move.
You know, there is this guy Willie Randolph who has always deserved a shot somewhere (though I don't know how far away he'll get if King George won't allow Reggie Jackson to get away). And Valentine? I don't see that happening, even if I would like it...

Off Day quote of the day

Courtesy of the definition of craptastic...
"I have to weigh my options," Baldwin said. "We'll see what happens. I don't know if two starts was enough [to show what he had], but I guess I'll go down there and see what happens if it comes to that. If not, I'll go home and play golf."
Trust me James... it was more than enough.

Otherwise, spend today somewhat happy about the Mets. Optimism is allowed today.

Sunday, May 16, 2004
On behalf of all Mets fans, I would personally like to thank Jimy Williams for today's win. Especially for the 5 decisions described below.

1. Bottom 1st, 0 out, runner on first, 0-0 game, Adam Everett sac bunts. The Astros score one run, but screw themselves out of a possibly big inning.
2. Bottom 8th, bases loaded, one out, Astros up 2-0, pitcher's spot up. Jimy Williams pinch hits with Mike Lamb over Richard Hidalgo. Mike Lamb obviously strikes out... Richard Hidalgo has a better chance of cracking the game open.
3. Top 9th, runner on 2nd, Mike Piazza up, Astros up 2-0. Jimy doesn't walk him to get to Todd Zeile, Piazza goes deep.
4. Bottom 10th, Morgan Ensberg up, 0 out, runner on 1st, tied 2-2, Jason Lane and Brad Ausmus up next. Morgan Ensberg sac bunts the runner to second. Wouldn't you much rather have Ensberg swing away then give your opportunities to Jason Lane and Brad Ausmus?
5. Bottom 11th, 0 out, Craig Biggio up, runner on first, tied 2-2. Craig Biggio bunts for Adam Everett. You may be thinking he did this to ensure Bagwell's AB no matter what, but the Mets would obviously walk Bagwell (like they did) because he doesn't mean anything. Not that I think Craig Biggio is a great hitter, but its a better waste of his out to see if he could at least get a hit.

Once again, thank you Jimy.

(More thoughts on Matt Ginter, Jason Phillips, Mike Piazza, Dan Wheeler, the end of an era that never should have begun and much more Mets stuff tomorrow).

So much to talk about... my internet connection has decided to act stupid when I get the chance to put something up, so that explains my missingness...

I'm not sure where to start because the Mets blogs pretty much cover all the old news pretty well, but here are the first ten things that pop into my mind that I've wanted to get out...

10. Why doesn't Larry Brown give the ball to Rasheed Wallace in the post? Especially when the Nets frontline is Brian Scalabrine and Rodney Rogers!
9. Ricky Gutierrez got DFAed. There is a god.
8. Matt Ginter is getting called up to start in place of Al Leiter. No one has any idea who is getting sent down, though my gut says its Dan Wheeler for a day (and unfortunately, not James Baldwin).
7. Speaking of... James Baldwin sucks.
6. We got Eric Valent and Karim Garcia leanring to play first, with Phillips, Zeile and Piazza all over there already and Joe McEwing still got on the field over there the other day. I give up...
5. To all who said the Mets needed a leadoff hitter this offseason. Unfortunately, it wasn't Kaz Matsui... its Eric Valent!
4. Kevin Youkilis went 2-4 with a HR last night. The stathead world goes nuts.
3. The Mets beat Randy Johnson, Brandon Webb and Roy Oswalt on three straight days. Before you get too happy about that, they did lose to Daigle and Elmer Dessens. Yes, if they pull a miracle against Roger tonight, they could have a winning road trip.
2. Orber Moreno is still filthy.
1. James Baldwin still sucks.

I'm sure there is more in my mind, but I'm sure most of the Mets blogs have covered it perfectly, so I'm not needed to rehash old things. Plus, I haven't been doing much internet reading, so I gotta catch up on a lot of Mets news today, both news sources and blogs. So, I'll catch you all later today or tomorrow, as long as the internet cooperates.

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