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Sunday, May 23, 2004
Since I won't be posting tomorrow (this weekend was busy with the part time job, this week will be busy with school band stuff and next weekend... well, I'll talk about next weekend later in the week), here's the word that comes to mind about the next two weeks...


This is it. These are the two weeks in the season where we (and hopefully Mets brass) can decide just where this team is and if they can compete with the upper teams of the NL East. The next two weeks is 5 games vs. Philly and 7 vs. Florida. The Mets are three games out of Philly right now. If they could even take a 7-5 record on this 12 game stretch and hang around 1-2 games out, then they might just have a legitime shot. Whether they should trade or get anyone is a different discussion for a day where its hopefully a legitime discussion. IF the Mets can get that over .500 record on the 12 game stretch, they then go into interleague play, where they have four straight series vs. AL Central teams (go interleague play!), which should provide them with a pretty good record.

So, that's my word for these two weeks. Referendum. After these two weeks we should know just where this team stands. It will be either...

a. No chance
b. A lurking but not good enough .500 team
c. A very good chance

Hopefully it will be C. And I don't want B no matter what because that's the most dangerous situation of all because the front office might just be convinced to make a stupid move.

And best of all... the Mets are playing meaningful games a little over 3 months ahead of schedule!

.500? A one hitter (I actually left the house for work when he had a no-no... of course, he walked Denny Hocking) for Glavine? What is this?

Tiny rant for the day:

If the Mets are serious about Tyler Yates as a starter (not saying they should be), they need to send him back down and build up his stamina in starts because he is still a reliever and is still recovering from the TJ surgery. In my world,they should move him to the pen, bring up Heilman, trade Weathers (wait, he has 4 wins, he'll be getting an extension by next week) and when Strickland comes back send down Wheeler. All in my dreams.

I'm out to watch Shawn Estest get killed.

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