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Friday, December 10, 2004
Is The Stupid only about to start?

Ah, gotta love the optimism over at BTF sometimes. If you don't know, that's taken from Billyshears' handle, a poster who is a Met fan over at Primer. Actually, his handle contains the word "is" after the word "stupid" (not at the beginning) and has no question mark, but hey, we are a little more optimistic over here.

And today starts with the news that the Mets may miss out on their number one target...
CBS-4 in Boston is reporting that Pedro Martinez and the Red Sox will finalize a three-year, $40 million contract within the next 24-48 hours.
It's still a rumor at this point, but ESPN's Peter Gammons is also reporting that the deal is close.
This might not be a bad thing, even if you wanted Pedro.

The Mets need a decision on the Pedro situation. And soon. Because otherwise, they are going to watch other big ticket players fall off the board and they could still miss their main man. No matter what, the Mets need to figure out what is going on with Pedro. And soon.

Now, on to our number one priority, which is a slugging first baseman where it seems as though Mets brass has chosen Sexson over Delgado...
The Mets have targeted the first baseman they prefer, and it's Richie Sexson.

The club has made an offer to Sexson, and GM Omar Minaya plans to meet with Sexson's agent, Casey Close, in Anaheim during the winter meetings, The Post has confirmed.
Whether you prefer Carlos Delgado or Richie Sexson for whatever reasons you do, the Mets need to make a move here. And this is their most important move.

Look at the Mets production from 1Bs last year. You read that final line correctly? .237/.326/.368... hey, we got some nice IsoD!

Richie Sexson, Carlos Delgado... its all preference... either one is a good choice. And a needed one.

Of course, it might not be a contract for 10 million like we thought it'd be... thank the D'Backs and Troy Glaus for that...
The Arizona Diamondbacks signed Troy Glaus to a four-year, $45-million contract yesterday, blowing up the free-agent market for corner infielders. The deal certainly will impact the Mets' desire to fill their first-base void with either Carlos Delgado or Richie Sexson.

The industry consensus had been that Delgado and Sexson, both free agents, would land deals for about $10 million a season. They are likely to get more now, thanks to Glaus.
Granted, the Mets are a big market team and should be able to get a deal for one of the two done anyway, but it would have been nice if they didn't need to dump more money in the 1B hole.

Finally, if the Mets fall out of the Pedro race and decide, that other than a 1B, to go big on a OF, the ante on that might be up a little too. It looks as though Steve Finley might get close to 10 million dollars a year. This will probably pull Drew into the 12-13 range with Beltran at the 15 million range. We'll see, though, if they lose Pedro, I'd like to see them go for Beltran/Drew (big preference towards Beltran) and Delgado/Sexson and fill in with Diaz/Valent in LF and Heilman in the rotation.

We'll see what happens over the next few days, though its really unpredictable. Alou? Sosa? Maggilo? Other Trades? We'll see, but other than the guys above this paragraph and Maggilo, I don't particluary like too much going on around the Mets. Which, I guess, is the meaning of billyshears' handle.

Thursday, December 09, 2004
So much to talk about...

...and just no time.

Jay has a wide array of interesting links today, all stuff I want to talk about and all stuff that between work, homework and general tiredness, I can't touch on today.

So, the floor and comments is open to you. Go ahead and discuss. I'll pop in and out to offer some opinion on the comments (And to keep Wes from hijacking a whole comment thread to himself).

Wednesday, December 08, 2004
And so the fun begins...

I guess this is what I wanted, right? The Mets apparently offered Hidalgo about 1 year and 4 million and he turned it down. That's about what I wanted the Mets to offer (if they were to offer) and he has better offers. Oh well, not a big deal in my book. I still have Diaz/Valent in left and a RF to be named later in RF (hopefully Drew or Beltran, but if we do get Pedro, Maggilo on the cheap fits the bill). Unfortunately, the RF to be named later of fancy to Omar is not one of those three in parentheses. The Daily News reports...
Richard Hidalgo's career in Flushing is over. Now the Mets will pursue Moises Alou, who the team has already started negotiating with to replace Hidalgo in right field.
Right field? Huh? Floyd not getting traded? Or are we now OK with a Diaz/Valent LF?

Moises Alou, even if he ends up in left (because the Mets sign another RF and trade Floyd), is a terrible idea. Look at this...

2002: .756
2003: .819
2004: .918

Those are his OPSs the last three years (the time he spent with the Cubs). Upward trends are nice, right? Well, at 38, that's questionable in itself, but take a closer look at 2004...

Home: 1.120
Away: .716

Wrigley can do wonders for a hitter, can't it?

Moises is probably a best case scenraio .800 OPS with bad defense (worse in RF than in LF) for the Mets next season. Not a wise investment, with two big names on the market and a chance (if the big two don't work out) to get a player, even though he will probably be hurt by Shea, who is an extremely solid hitter over his career and has a considerably higher upside on Alou on the cheap (obviously Maggilo).

So, yes, Hidalgo gone has made me happy. The rumor for the new RF has not. I guess we'll see.

In other Dec. 7 deadline news, the Mets signed Mike DeJean to a one year deal worth 1.15 million. I'm fairly happy with this. He had a 1.69 ERA for the Mets last year (after being abysmal with the O's) and I championed his chance of being good with the Mets when he was traded here last year. Rick Peterson, at least it would seem, did something with him to get him to stop walking people, a huge help in his success with the Mets. I think he'll be pretty good next year... 3-3.50 ERA. It's never bad to have a veteran set-up righty in the pen.

The Mets offered arbitraton to no one, meaning no draft picks again this year, though it was the right decision (I don't want Ricky Bottalico to come back here). Of course, Al Leiter immediately announced his deal with the Marlins after the Dec. 7 deadline. I don't blame him... why help a former team in the division of the team you are going to. Goodbye Al... it was fun.

And so the offseason truly begins. Winter meetings this weekend and a flurry of action seems ready to happen. Hopefully that flurry doesn't include Moises Alou in a Met uniform come spring training.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Tick, Tock. Tick, Tock.

And so the deadline approaches... and we wait. Patiently. To see if Hidalgo is back.

Matt has his own view on the Hidalgo situation. I don't quite agree, though if Hidalgo is back for one year, than I'll be able to live with it. Any more years and its a no. Also, I think the 5 million Matt proposes is a little much.

Tick, Tock.

Monday, December 06, 2004
Of course, with the arbitration deadline, there is this...
GM Omar Minaya, breaking a week-long silence, said yesterday the Mets are in negotiations and hope to re-sign free agents Richard Hidalgo and Mike DeJean, while Ricky Bottalico appears slated to depart. The Mets have until Tuesday to negotiate deals with Hidalgo and DeJean, since it's unlikely either would be offered arbitration.

Hidalgo, obtained from Houston for pitchers David Weathers and Jeremy Griffiths last season, can play either corner outfield position, and would give the Mets flexibility as they head into next week's winter meetings.
Meh. I'm against bringing back Hidalgo, but I'll wait to delve into further comment until a decision is made on him tomorrow night (Essentially, I'll probably give you less words to read if he isn't brought back).

But this tidbit was interesting too...
The organization appears to prefer more Triple-A seasoning for Victor Diaz, despite a .280 average and four homers in 75 winter-league at-bats, though Minaya said the Mets would be comfortable using Diaz if needed.
Meh again. Don't like this at all. We'll talk about that more after the Hidalgo decision too, since what happens with Hidalgo affects Diaz a lot (looks like I'm looking forward to a lot of writing on Tuesday or Wednesday).

Ummm... I hate the BCS!

Oh, right, this is supposed to be about baseball. And the Mets. Umm... nada.

Actually, if you do any thinking in terms of the Mets today, pray for the Marlins to sign Al Leiter before the arbitration deadline. That would be nice.

I'll probably have some thoughts on Moises Alou coming up in the next few days. For now, have a nice rainy (if you are in the NY area at least) day.

Sunday, December 05, 2004
Omar Wants You!

In the 2,534,429th story of Omar being interested in someone, this candidate is... Carlos Delgado!
According to a source familiar with the discussions, Mets special assistant Tony Bernazard and GM Omar Minaya each personally placed phone calls to Delgado a few days ago to let the free-agent slugger know that the Mets are interested.
That's nice, though discussions would be nicer.

But, hey, at least its a first baseman. That's a start.

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