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Saturday, January 15, 2005
Required Reading

This article by Dayn Perry. Everything he says is right and I especially like the third point.

Go J-E-T-S!

Friday, January 14, 2005
This is My Title

I got a few thoughts up over at Check it out.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Houston interested in a Met... well, former Met...
Purpura has also discussed adding veteran free-agent lefthander John Franco, who went 2-7 with a 5.28 ERA in 52 games for the Mets last year. Lefthanders hit just .173 against Franco in 2004.

"He's a lefty that gets lefties out, and that's a pretty rare commodity," Purpura said.
I literally, after putting in the above quote from the article, sat here for 5 minutes and attempted to come up with something. I got absolutely nothing.

Well, this makes the 40 man roster situation a little easier...
The Fukuoka Softbank Hawks of Japan's Pacific League are close to signing New York Mets pitcher Pedro Feliciano, a team official said Thursday.

"We're in the final stages of negotiations," club representative Masashi Tsunoda told reporters. "We hope to announce something soon."

Puerto Rican-born Feliciano went 1-1 with a 5.40 ERA in 22 games last season for the Mets.
And if they get rid of Jeff Duncan to get the 40 man down to 40, I'll be right on who is going (Matt asked the question on a BTF thread, I replied Duncan and Feliciano).

Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Open Thread

Mike Cameron wants to be traded... Thoughts?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005
A few things

The Mets signed Philip Humber.

This Daily News article
has things such as Victor Zambrano, Willie Randolph on Carlos Delgado and the possible leaving of Joe McEwing.

Oh yeah, Beltran is official. Teehee.

Monday, January 10, 2005
This is your brain on paper

This is going to get very rantish and repetitive, so I warn you beforehand. Like the title says, I'm just spilling my brain out. Enjoy.

Today in my Statstics class we were doing a problem that involved the salaries of the 1993 New York Mets. You know, "The Worst Team Money Could Buy" era. It got me thinking. And no, not the Bobby Bonilla comparisions. Not negatively. But positively.

This off-season has been different than the past. Omar went out and got the biggest name pitcher. But, still, he's on the wrong side of 30. He's dominant, but not really... young. But Carlos Beltran. A young superstar. That's nice. And completely different.

A cornerstone. A building block, to go with the young ones. Reyes, Wright and Beltran. Get used to those names. And learn to enjoy them.

Omar has explored every option out there. Todd Helton, Sammy Sosa, Odalis Perez, etc. And when he didn't like what he saw, he turned away. They might revisit Sammy, they might not (it makes more sense now than it did then), but the one thing I like about Omar is he wants to feel everything out. He has his targets, but its nice to see he explores every option available to him, even if the rumors kill us.

But he's still got a job to do (and no, it doesn't involve middle infielders). A 1B. And you know what, I'm greedy. I want Carlos Delgado. And I might just get him.

Omar has re-built a certain trust that was lost on July 30th, 2004 with what he's done this off-season. He didn't get Sosa just because he wanted him, even if the deal was illogical. He got the fans Pedro, building a bridge back to the fans after Black Friday. Carlos Beltran... now we have some trust, a belief that he can come through for us more than on a fluky occasion. But me? I'm still a little jaded.

Black Friday was my first real experience with the Mets and a "Seaver-type" move. I'm too young to really remember Generation K well (I remember reading about them, but I wasn't emotionally attached like I am now) and the 2002-2003 versions of the Mets were some bad ideas and some unexpected things. But they weren't Black Friday. That was the first time I didn't trust the front office to be able to be competent, heck... think.

But Carlos Delgado. That would be something, wouldn't it? Then Omar would solve 1B, solve the OF hole and get a great pitcher all at the same time, without blocking any prospects (there is an argument for Petit, but Trachsel could be reasonably moved by then and that's if you assume Petit aces AA and AAA with flying colors and is ready by 2006).

Then... who couldn't trust Omar? He would have done everything and done nothing really stupid. And that's what I'm waiting for. One more move gets me back in. I will always fear stupid now, but I've been skeptical about Pedro, skeptical about getting Beltran. And I'm skeptical about Delgado. One more time and I'll believe Omar can deliver for me when the Mets need it.

And none of this fear is Omar's fault. It's a preceeding front office... and the one before that and the one... you get the idea. It's a lesson learned by all Met fans and usually at a fairly young age. Me? Baseball is my favorite sport, but my undying passion for it was amplified in 2003 when I discovered the wonders of internet baseball talk. It opened my eyes to new things, new ideas... and made my passion for baseball skyrocket to new heights. I was at that age, early high school, when you really figure out where your passion for sports is. Which team, in a sports obsessed mind, is really the team. And baseball isn't that popular among the younger people today. But finding the baseball community on the internet... fans who really care a lot... I found me a home. And an obsession with baseball... and maybe, unfortunately, the Mets.

And then Black Friday hit. And I was crushed. Aboslutely crushed. The first time my baseball team ripped my heart out. And that was the Benson trade. Then they laughed in my face and stomped on my heart. That was the Vic Zambrano trade.

And, since then, I've become part of what is really a jaded fanbase. Believing all the bad rumors, disbelieving anything good. It's not something I like, but something I've been told by a few Met fans I'll learn to live with.

But Omar... one more Carlos and he'll have the world. Or at least my patched up heart believing.

Do it Omar. Do it for the Mets organization... do it for the team... do it for the fanbase... just do it... please.

Omar may not have had me at hello, but he's finding his way in. Whether or not he gets Delgado, I have faith in him. Building burned bridges is a tough thing to do, but Omar may have reconnected the stream of faith between the fans and the front office.

But the bridge still isn't srtong enough, at least not for me. Carlos Delgado. I won't believe it until I see it, but if I ever do, faith shall be restored (or as far as it can be). And really, if all my emotions are going to be all-in with this team anyway, I'd like to believe things won't go awry.

Sunday, January 09, 2005
Sunday Morning

Here is my newest effort entitled Sunday Morning.

It basically gives my thoughts this morning, which aren't much different than last night. A lot of different stuff is flying around about how close to done this is and while I'm excited, until an official press release comes out, I'm not going completely nuts. And the longer this draws out without a deal, the more I'll worry something is up.

Still, between Omar and the Jets, I am one happy man this morning.

EDIT #1: Beltran is a Met!
The Mets reached an agreement in principle this afternoon to sign star centerfielder Carlos Beltran for $119 million over seven years, making him their centerpiece player.

The Mets finalized the deal to obtain the five-tool free agent centerfielder this morning. Beltran is expected to take a physical examination on Monday with the actual signing to take place Tuesday. A press conference is also likely Tuesday.


I was in Jets lockdown the last 4 hours. A painful 4 hours, but very rewarding ones.

So, after the happiness that flew through me after seeing the Jets win, I come on the computer to get the Beltran info.
Carlos Beltran let Saturday night's deadline to re-sign with the Houston Astros pass without an agreement, leaving the New York Mets in prime position to add the speedy center fielder.

Both the Mets and the Astros were on the telephone Saturday night with Beltran's agent, Scott Boras. While Houston had to sign him by midnight or lose rights until May 1, the Mets and other teams did not have that restriction.

Just after the deadline passed, Boras said he was still negotiating New York.

The Mets, who haven't made the playoffs since 2000, were trying to pull off a coup for the second time this offseason. They lured three-time Cy Young Award winner Pedro Martinez from the Boston Red Sox last month with a $53 million, four-year deal.

By allowing the deadline to pass without an agreement, Beltran could be hoping other teams, such as the New York Yankees, resume their pursuit. The Chicago Cubs also are thought to be interested.
Best. Sports. Day. Ever.

OK, so he didn't sign with the Mets yet, so maybe not the best ever, but definitely great in my view. I'm honestly still shocked he didn't go to Houston.

So, for tonight, he is a still a free man. We'll see if this gets Boras and Beltran more money in the end, but you can't help but think that the Mets have the inside track.

Though I don't know if I can stand another week of this Beltran drama...

EDIT #1: Quick edit, huh?

Well, that's because the Houston Chronicle is reporting Beltran will be a Met.
Despite a record contract offer from the Astros, free agent Carlos Beltran will not play for the team next season.

Beltran, the 27-year-old center fielder who helped the Astros to their first playoff series win and captivated the city's baseball fans with his amazing array of skills, chose not to accept the biggest contract in Astros history just a few minutes before an 11 p.m. deadline Saturday night.

Beltran will instead sign with the New York Mets.
Premature? Or fact?

Who knows, but stay tuned.

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