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Saturday, January 22, 2005
Delgado Update 2,541

Depending on what you like to believe, the Rangers offered Carlos Delgado 4 years at anywhere from 40 million to 48 million. If the Times story at 48 is right, I'd probably walk away as it would take about 4/50 to do it now, but if its closer to 40, the Mets should definitely try counter-offering.

Of course, the Mets might not be down for a fourth year...
One team source said while there was some "room to go higher" in terms of annual salary, the Mets are not inclined to guarantee a fourth year "just to keep (Delgado) from signing with an American League team," such as Texas or Baltimore.

The Mets are unsure whether Delgado, 32, still will be a productive enough field player by 2008 or if he'd be better suited to be a DH by then. The source said the Mets only would consider offering a fourth year if Delgado appears close to signing within their division, meaning with the Marlins.
I tend to agree with this, as a fourth year for Delgado makes me leery, but if it only gets to like 4/44, then I think its worth it to the Mets to go for a fourth year. If I was them, I'd try something like 3/40... less years, more money.

As for other options, my personal choice is Travis Lee, but there are other guys like Mientkiewicz out there. From the above Daily News article...
Mientkiewicz also would fit the Mets' need for a relatively cheap and defensively responsible first baseman to anchor their infield, but Boston's initial asking price of pitching prospect Yusmeiro Petit or another top minor-leaguer was quickly rebuffed.
That Theo sure is a funny guy, ain't he?

If you are on the East Coast, stay warm and safe. Ah, snow.

Friday, January 21, 2005
Need Your Info?

Vinny and Jay got you covered.

Enjoy (the rest of) your Friday.

Thursday, January 20, 2005
I have a title, but I think its inappropriate

I'm actually serious on that by the way... anyway, Carlos Delgado update...
Industry sources believe that the Delgado sweepstakes will top out at three years at $11 million to $12 million per year and that the Mets are willing to meet that.
This is interesting because its floating out there that the Mets would go 4/45... if the Mets only have to go three years, it would be even better.

Bryan Smith lists Petit as his #22 prospect...
Petit is another that, even if we didn’t see the degree of his breakout, we should have better recognized him before the season. Now, I don’t follow short-season ball much (a flaw of mine you could say), but an 8.5 K/BB in 74 innings of work split between the Appy and New York-Penn Leagues should have caught my eye. For 2004, Petit’s control worsened a bit (who’s wouldn’t?) to just under 5.0, which is still better than most of the players on this list. He struck out 200 batters in less than 140 innings, though he was striking out batters less and less at each of his three levels. Still, Yusmeiro did not allow a home run in either the FSL or Eastern League (56 innings), and was great this winter. While his stuff doesn’t match up to others behind him, he’s better than Brandon McCarthy (a similar pitcher), and one of the top thirty prospects in baseball.
The emphasis is mine and an interesting trend, as Petit's knock has always been not having scout-type stuff.

Petit's shot at AA will be one of the interesting stories surrounding the Mets organization this year... will he falter without dominating stuff or will he be able to keep up what he is doing now? I think and hope its the latter, but we shall see...

Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Coming or Going?

Mike Cameron is willing to play RF. Again.

Delgado is having a second meeting with the Mets. Whee!

Minor-league deal to Roberto Hernandez. Yeah...

Al Leiter is whining... again.
"I'm absolutely convinced that Omar does have full autonomy. It's his show. I know, for a fact, that Fred and Jeff Wilpon (the Mets principal owner and his son, the team's chief operating officer) didn't want me gone. Jim Duquette (the team's senior vice president of baseball operations) didn't want me to leave. Omar did, and that was pretty clear right from the start."

After reaching an impasse in their negotiations, the Mets and the 39-year-old Leiter had agreed to explore other options. But when Leiter went back to Minaya and said he was willing to accept the team's most recent offer, he said Minaya told him there was no longer an offer on the table.

"At some point, after we agreed we'd explore other options, Al said he was interested in coming back," Minaya said the day Leiter signed with the Marlins. "I thought some things out, and I had some potential deals out there. ...There were some things in the market that I felt as general manager, we should explore."

One of those things, of course, was the signing of Pedro Martinez, whom the Mets eventually landed with a four-year, $53-million deal.

"There are ways to negotiate that make it look like you want to get a deal done even when you don't," Leiter said. "(Minaya) should have just said, 'I don't want you.'"
That's priceless.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

It's down to the final four teams for Carlos Delgado.

Delgado, the slugging first baseman who is easily the best player left on the market, has narrowed his choices to the Mets, Marlins, Orioles and Rangers, according to agent David Sloane.

The news is not exactly a stunning revelation, as those four have been the most mentioned suitors for Delgado. But for Sloane to publicly announce it's down to four leaves it highly unlikely that another club could emerge as a dark-horse.
As I said, duh. We knew that.

OFF does a nice job summing up my basic thoughts on Byrnes-Cameron on his blog. Check it out.

Finally, David Wright is *insert gushing adjective here*.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

First off, I am gearing up for Mid Terms Tuesday-Friday, so writing will be on an off schedule (though you'll see more of it later in the week when I get some of the easier tests).

As for now, I have a post on on two different articles written about what the Mets should do to close out the off-season.

Somewhat going with that, the Cameron for Byrnes and Bradford rumors are heating up. I am against this trade, even if I do like Bradford and his submarine style. I just don't see the gain here and I'm not buying that the Mets couldn't sign Delgado without trading Cameron.

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