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Saturday, February 05, 2005
I need time

Matt has a revelation while looking at the Mets 40 man roster on

As for me, I'm sorry for the lack of content lately, I'm just ungodly busy for some reason and that won't seem to stop at least for the next week (explanation Tuesday on that).

I doubt I update again until Monday, with Super Bowl Sunday, work and more homework to take care of tomorrow.

Thursday, February 03, 2005
Required Reading and Decent Excitement

The Mets Farm System by Tim Marchman

As for the excitement, opening day at Cinci starts at 2:10, meaning I only miss probably the first two innings (school gets out at 2:30... I'll be home by 2:45, I think). Game chatter, Pedro pitching, Wright playing third... baseball season... its not fast enough.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005
A Post of Consistency

WOO! First off, here's a short little thing I wrote for on Mike DeJean.

Secondly, here's the Mets PTP, with some interesting PECOTA projections.

Finally, its seems as though the Mets are-sorta-not-maybe done...
While Mike Cameron continues to express no enthusiasm about his position switch, the Mets are investigating another possibility in rightfield.

According to a National League source, the Mets are taking a close look at free-agent Magglio OrdoƱez.
There is also that whole Preston Wilson trade fiasco.

Essentially, I think the Mets should stick with what they have. They are not gonna get a good enough offer for Cameron to make moving him make sense and I think the Mets can have a competitive team the way they are right now.

Omar, just stay calm and don't be trigger happy. If the time rolls around in June or July and we need something (most likely a relief arm), then its time.

Monday, January 31, 2005

That's me. The blogosphere still runs though, so they always hook ya up with the goods. I'll be back with something good (hopefully) Wednesday.

And I'll update the sidebar soon, for all of y'all who have e-mailed links and such. I get real lazy with the darn thing.

EDIT: Matt called me a jerk for not linking to this piece by him, so here.

Actually, its well done and I would have linked to it if I had known it was up before I posted.

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