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Friday, February 18, 2005
Interesting News

The bottom notes...
Orber Moreno, who had arthroscopic shoulder surgery on Oct. 21, plans to visit Dr. James Andrews next week. He hopes to get clearance for tossing and to be ready before the All-Star break.
Which means one thing...

Roberto Hernandez is closer to ruining our lives.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005
New Beginning

Today, the Mets pitchers and catchers reported. Soon, they'll be playing games. And not soon enough, real games. With a clean slate. Exactly what the Mets and their fans need.

Last season ended badly. Real badly. And what it shame it was, considering how it started. The Mets weren't much of a team in the first few months of the season, a team struggling to the .500 mark. But so was the rest of the division and while in our rational minds we all knew it wouldn't last the season, we hoped and prayed it would. Which is OK. We are, after all, fans.

Todd's Zeile HR craziness in Philly. The bases loaded roller off Tanyon Sturtze to beat the Yankees. And so many more moments to remember fondly. The Mets weren't going anywhere that season, but it seemed like progress. It seemed like it was OK to feel good about the organization again. Or so we thought.

Then Black Friday happened. I won't belabor much here, but you all know the deal. The last two months of the season were utter hell. Art Howe playing the lame duck. Todd Zeile and Gerald Williams stealing ABs from Vic Diaz and Eric Valent. Hell, Craig Brazell too. Jeff Keppinger getting a full chance based purely on wanting to make a trade look good when Danny Garcia, no matter how fluky, was playing well. And the cabal: Leiter, Stanton, Franco, Zeile, Glavine, McEwing... the hatred just grew till the name Gerald Williams made me want to kill myself.

But baseball allows for those clean slates that we love to see. Jim Duquette, who never seemed like he had a good handle on the job, out and Omar Minaya in. And in the winter, when the Mets, much like the grass and trees, are usually dead and dormant, were alive...

You know 'em. Beltran. Martinez. Reyes healthy in winter ball. Petit still impressing in winter ball. And the Messiah himeslf, David Wright (not too much pressure on the kid, right?).

And that's what we have now. Optimism. I haven't been thrilled with everything Minaya has done (Ron Calloway on the 40 man roster!), but he's provided something that, at the end of September, I could have never imagined... hope.

(Quick aside: I think, personally, I have more invested in this team then ever. And yes, part of it is the Internet community I've found and the writing I do... but part of it is an extreme emotional connection we all have, that was strengthened by Black Friday. When that happened, I became a slave to Met fandom, however much that is going to suck for the rest of my life.)

And so that's what we live with. A belief that things might just work out OK this year. They have a shot. Things have to break right... ok, a lot of things, but its possible.

And that's what spring is all about. New beginnings... and in baseball, you get a shot at one every year. And so, as always, because its never too early...

Ya Gotta Believe!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005
I'm back

And still busy. Jay has the links, as always.

One more day people...

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