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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Jay has the translations for Choi Hoon's great baseball cartoon on the Mets.

And I agree with Jay. The Matsui one is the best.

Friday, March 04, 2005
A Few Friday Links

Jason Phillips vs. Ramon Castro- The Showdown

Felix Heredia has numbness in his left hand
. I'll be nice.

Rick Peterson's high-teach lab. Whee!
Rick Peterson's use of a high-tech lab in Birmingham, Ala., continued as top pitching prospects Yusmeiro Petit, Matt Lindstrom and Gabby Hernandez visited the facility. The slow-motion cameras, which take pictures at 500 frames per second - more than 16 times faster than a standard video recorder - made it crystal clear why batters have so many problems hitting Petit, even though he doesn't reach 90 mph. Petit - who finished second in the minors in strikeouts last season with 200 - .manages to keep the ball hidden longer than other pitchers, giving batters less time to react.
That's sweet.

Have a good Friday.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005
Real Live Baseball

Vinny has all the details covered on today's 5-3 ST loss to the Nats, though I want to focus on a few things that I saw today while watching (all of which were mentioned by Vinny)...

Kaz Matsui's defense- He looked really comfortable and smooth at 2B, even turning a nice 4-6-3 with Reyes. I'm interested to see how he looks on DPs where he's making the throw to first without seeing the runner barreling down on him, but... so far so good on the transition.

Heath Bell- He pitched a scoreless inning and just looked filthy. I really hope he gets a bullpen spot because I think he will provide the Mets with a great year if they give him a chance.

Danny Garcia- Now that he's off the 40 man roster and is an NRI, he doesn't have as much of a chance to make the team anyway, but his suspect fielding today doesn't help his case at all. One of my personal favorites, I was glad to see him get on by HBP and steal a base, but honestly, looking at the construction of this team, he needs to do a lot better in the field to have a shot to make the team, which is highly unlikely and honestly, I don't think, unless there is injury, he should.

Aaron Heilman- He threw strikes, but two of them were bad pitches, leading to Jose Guillen and Keith Osik HRs. He's finding the plate, which eliminates the problem he had with that when he first came up, but he's still making bad pitches to give up the long bomb. I like him a lot, but he's gotta be more impressive if wants to have a shot at the bullpen.

Felix Heredia- Get ready. This experience might just be worse than Mike Stanton.

All in all, it was nice to see some baseball again.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

ESPN at 1 PM on Wednesday...

Mets-Nationals, preseason baseball.

Its not the real stuff, but its something. Can't wait.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Two pieces of significant news:

1. Mike Cameron should be ready for opening day...
Cameron's next hurdle would be to swing at game-speed pitches in the cage. Facing live pitching would follow. With 34 days before the Mets start the season in Cincinnati, it would take some sort of setback for Cameron not to be ready.
This would be sweet, though I'm not sure if that increases his chances of being traded or not...

2. Joe McEwing doesn't look like he has an inside track to make the team...
...Joe McEwing, whose five-year Mets career appears weeks from ending, barring injury to his competition
It also has this to say on Jason Phillips...
Mets officials told Jason Phillips to improve his defense behind the plate this spring to ensure making the team.

...Phillips' prognosis is hardly dire. Still, solid catcher Ramon Castro will provide competition for the role as Mike Piazza's backup. The Mets may look elsewhere to catchers such as Colorado's Charles Johnson if they aren't sufficiently impressed with Phillips' progress. Phillips threw out 31% of would-be base stealers last season, 2% above the league average. He hopes to raise that percentage and improve other aspects of his catching now that he has abandoned first base. Mets brass has been impressed with Phillips' ability to call games.

Said Phillips: "They have come to me and said, 'For you to help this team, you've got to be a catcher first and foremost. You've got to be able to control the running game and block balls, call a good game. Your job this year is to be a catcher.' It helps, because last year I'd be on Field 2 taking grounders, and then running over to catchers' drills. It definitely took away."
We'll see. If Phillips doesn't have a disaster-like spring like his season last year, I hope he sticks because I think he has a chance to turn it around somewhat. But I also hope Ramon Castro sticks in the organization because I like him a lot.

But this also helps to shape the bench a little more to my liking. Take a look...

Big Cat
Woodward (the Mets need a player who can man the SS position, since it looks like Matsui wouldn't move back to SS if... well, you know who... gets injured)

I say Diaz/Calloway because the Mets might decide to start Diaz in AAA to get him playing RF everyday, which honestly, isn't a bad idea. It just sucks Ron Calloway is the answer the other way.

Other guys like Kerry Robinson (OF), Marlon Anderson (2B/OF) and Jeff Keppinger (2B) have shots to make this bench, though I would put my money on the guys above (Keppinger is also the only one of these three on the 40 man and he looks like he will start as the starting 2B in Norfolk).

Still, even if it is Calloway, I really like the shape this bench is taking. Definitely a lot better than last year's with such greatness as Ricky Gutierrez and Gerald Williams.

Oh wait, ICE is a NRI.

Know what... nevermind I even said his name.

The above bench looks like the most likely, barring injury. And I like it.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Here is a quick ramble post at by me.

Also, success on the tickets online for me after about an hour and 15 minutes. Woo!


So, while I'm waiting to be able to order Met tickets online, I decided to work on the sidebar a little. A lot of Met blogs, including Eric's move. Also, a few others by some of the bigger name writers out there, like John Sickels who now runs Minor League Ball.

Here's a couple of links from the blogosphere too...

Even though I disagree (I don't see quite the doomsday situation), Kaley has a good post on the Mets bullpen and her view of its lefties.

Andrew has a post on Wily Mo Pena
and the possibilities of him playing RF for the Mets (HINT: Gammons rumor started his thought process).

Have a good Sunday and good luck on getting your Mets tickets, especially if you are ordering online.

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